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Lawrence man, 25, charged with seven drug-related crimes

It is unjust to put him in jail for doing the same thing the last two presidents have done.

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Artists show off storied work as patrons tour studios

Thanks for the article.... :-)

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Author may not be done with ‘Earth’s Children’

I am addicted to these books. :-) (but don't tell anyone.)

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Stolen bass: Lawrence mom selling jewelry to help replace son’s instrument

Hi it's me the Mom! thanks for all the support stated above. I appreciate it!

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KU won't commit to downtown parade for National Champions

Pa -leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz!!!!!!

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Plants' CO2 would help crops, lawmaker says

Lol! That's hysterical.. ...
Up is down, black is white......... the ultimate spin-sters. These guys are following the same old formula. "Call it was it isn't".

Remember, "No child left behind", "Clear skies initiative," and the ultimate, "Mission Accomplished".
It' hard to take anything they say seriously.

Well said Kropotkin. Thank you.

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