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Kansas Supreme Court orders some school funding increases, sends big question back to lower court

Some of the legislators that support Brownback solidly and have introduced ridiculous bills are from the Shawnee Mission, Olathe and Wichita areas. I'm not sure I'd blame the rural people. Brownback is not going over well in Western Kansas.

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Only three apply for 'innovative district' status

I cannot imagine any teacher wanting to teach in those schools. There's nothing very innovative about stripping teachers of their bargaining powers.

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Governor opens dialogue aimed at avoiding future school finance lawsuits

I think the key phrase in the story is "It was not clear after Monday's meeting . . ." Nothing is clear in the Brownback administration. Important decisions are made in meetings that are planned for him to appear to care about this state and its people. He includes only those who will agree with him. I'm disgusted with him and his agenda. Now, when he thinks there is a possibility of losing his case, he wants to talk. Why didn't he talk BEFORE the legislature turned its back on education.? Because he didn't think he needed to then.

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Arrest made after Munchers employee discovers man in ceiling

Maybe he was hungry for a cream cheese doughnut.

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Davis campaign for governor releases video

To the Journal-World: The link is not showing up for me.

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Letter: Chaos in store

There really was nothing to negotiate. It's the law! If Obama had "negotiated" he would have been like a victim trying to negotiate with kidnappers. He's doing his job. I don't agree with everything he does, but I certainly would never entertain the thought that I could try to bend his will by acting like an uninformed, childish Republican.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

Oh, and how long might that take? And it's not even a done deal. Guess they can just live for weeks with pay. Don't you think they'd rather be working?

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

Really? Not my experience. My premiums aren't going up, and, as a matter of fact, my husband pointed out that we can both get our insurance under Obamacare for less.

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

How about Senator Greg Smith saying he won't vote for funding for KU if Guth isn't fired, but even more importantly, he is telling his high school students with young, impressionable minds not to attend KU if Guth isn't fired. I don't think Guth's comment is nearly as much a concern as a senator making stupid comments such as these.

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Letter: The Undeserving

This is satire, isn't it? The reason it is hard to tell is because some people actually think this way.

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