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Jefferson's, Ladybird Diner set reopening dates; man takes 4 hours to allegedly steal $4,000 in Best Buy items; accused shoplifter caught with gun, K2

Chad, Biemer's BBQ has really good friend pickles. I think they are the best I've had. You might check out their fried green beans, too!

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Editorial: Teacher loss

It's pretty clear why teachers are retiring early or leaving the state. Just look how they have been treated by this legislature. The young ones I know who have left the profession were great, but they tired of all the work heaped on teachers that have very little to do with being able to teach well in a classroom. They also got really tired of parents emailing to complain about their kids' grades. What happened to parents talking to the kid about his grades, the ones he earned? I hate to see these teachers go, but I do understand.

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Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Did you read beyond the first couple of paragraphs? Kobach and his crew have filed lawsuits out the wazoo, so why would one more lawsuit matter? This is a very important story, not only to Kansas. She is not grasping at straws. She is not interested only in what is happening in Kansas, so I don't think this is about not liking an election result.

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More Kansas teachers leaving state, retiring

Is this comment serious or are you joking? Do you really think this way? I'm certainly glad you would not choose to be a teacher. You do not meet the qualifications if that is how you think.

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More Kansas teachers leaving state, retiring

Why do you think it is the worst in the world?

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House opts not to take vote on tax bill; back to the drawing board Tuesday

Exactly. I read this and thought what an open threat. I really, really do not respect the Kansas Chamber nor the bullies involved in it.

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Your Turn: Commissioner addresses code issues

So, is there some place online where the recording of the meeting could be heard? The bit about the inspector being replaced wasn't addressed, and this explanation just isn't enough to convince me something not quite right took place.

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Douglas County administrator wants third-party review of Kobach building case, code process

So, Weinaugh wants an outside inspector "to determine whether building inspectors took actions outside the county’s authority." So are the building inspectors the problem here? The one who was doing his job was pulled off the job by an administrator. It does not sound as if the problem is with the inspectors, but with their bosses. Wouldn't that be Weinaugh?

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Douglas County keeps mandatory building code fine for now

It would be nice to know just what those 30 violations of administrative codes were, or even what an administrative code is. Also, what are the safety code and zoning violations?

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