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Your Turn: Commissioner addresses code issues

So, is there some place online where the recording of the meeting could be heard? The bit about the inspector being replaced wasn't addressed, and this explanation just isn't enough to convince me something not quite right took place.

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Douglas County administrator wants third-party review of Kobach building case, code process

So, Weinaugh wants an outside inspector "to determine whether building inspectors took actions outside the county’s authority." So are the building inspectors the problem here? The one who was doing his job was pulled off the job by an administrator. It does not sound as if the problem is with the inspectors, but with their bosses. Wouldn't that be Weinaugh?

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Douglas County keeps mandatory building code fine for now

It would be nice to know just what those 30 violations of administrative codes were, or even what an administrative code is. Also, what are the safety code and zoning violations?

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Douglas County keeps mandatory building code fine for now

Once the person building a structure has been given a certificate of occupancy, I would think that's a done deal. The county can't go back and revoke what they issued. Kobach is chuckling over this one, and he's home free.
My question, however, is what if someone is injured or dies at this structure at some future date because the building did not meet codes. Is the county liable?

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Appeals board questions Douglas County codes enforcement policy

There's a lot to see here if you are tired of power-hungry Kobach abusing the system.

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Who's leading the Kansas Legislature? Despite huge majorities, GOP leaders mired in division

I do not find it odd at all. I figure someone has told him to avoid the press because every time he has spoken he sounds like an idiot.

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Lawrence school district proposes more than $1.2 million in budget cuts and reallocations

So, you want to flagellate those districts that have been fiscally sound and have made good decisions for their own schools? Criticize them for having money "in the bank"? You are paid to spread your distortions of the truth. Why should I believe you over Mr. Doll? I don't.

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