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Minor party candidates look to make gains in Kansas in 2016

Would have? He's not out of office yet.

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Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife gets probation; family's religion played role in judge's decision

Google Hindu ostracization. That might add some clarity.

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Kansas judge to consider blocking state’s two-tiered voting

So, you are saying illegal immigrants want to vote? If you were an illegal immigrant in the United States and trying to stay under the radar, why would you expose yourself and go vote? Have you been reading about the documented voter fraud in Kansas? The two or three cases were not Hispanic people, but older white Republicans. Everything is not black and white nor Republican and Democrat. It really is almost laughable that you say WHAT IF Trump started lying. Where have you been getting your news?

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Lawrence neighborhood association asks city to terminate contract with Chamber of Commerce

It matters a diddly squat to this commoner because I think the Chamber of Commerce is part of the movement to put people of like-minded politics into local organizations. Look at who is putting money out to support those running for school boards and county and city commissions. Trace the support and you'll see some state and national groups wanting control at the local level. I question whether the Chamber of Commerce represents them.

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If the Legislature does it, does that mean it's not illegal?

I'm curious, Peter Hancock about this meeting. Obviously you were in attendance. I read an AP story that said their reporter was not allowed in the meeting. Why?

June 2, 2016 at 8:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

If the Legislature does it, does that mean it's not illegal?

Thank you for writing this story. I have been asking several people why the legislators can just ignore a court order. I can't do that, and legislators should NOT be above the law.

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Lawrence crafting security plan to comply with state concealed carry law

So, how do I have freedom when my tax money is spent building detectors and hiring guards? I do not feel any freedom when I have to be searched by a guard or walk between detectors. It makes me feel imprisoned.

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Brownback signs bill imposing more Kansas welfare restrictions

Especially Phyllis Gilmore, the secretary of the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

May 17, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas lawmakers hope to send school funding bill to Brownback by Thursday

If you are so interested in limited government and personal freedom, why has this legislature, who you support and who got into their jobs via Koch brother monies, posed or passed so many bills that restrict the freedoms of cities or other local entities? KPI to me means Kochs Personal Interventionists.

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