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Letter: Award questioned

You have no idea why he was given the award, so why are you calling the people who selected Clinton insane? Also, what are you categorizing as illegal activities?

Check this out:

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Letter: Award questioned

I don't know if David Upchurch will see this, but I found it interesting he could enumerate Clinton's failings, but overlooked his accomplishments. Rather than list them all here, I refer you to this:

I was not a fan of Bill Clinton's when he was in office, but I learned to respect him later. If you had listened to his speech, you should have been inspired. His comments about Bob Dole were filled with praise and respect. You also would have learned what the two of them did for the families of people killed in 9/11. You would have seen a person who avoided partisan comments, but instead talked about positive things.

Perhaps if you had heard the speech you would know why he was given an award. I'm sorry you missed it. Then you might have been more informed before you wrote this letter.

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Numbers show achievement gap between Lawrence high schools

It's time for parents to step up and realize the impact they have on their children. Schools cannot be expected to do everything for students. No matter how many programs you have in place, no matter how extensive a staff you have to help students, they all have to go to their home environment at the end of the day. Too many parents rely on educators to fill in the gaps, and they cannot do it all.

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Kobach defends speech to group labeled as 'white nationalists'

Well, we don't have to move to Syria to have our rights trampled upon. It's happening here when people starting treating others similar to how people are treated in Middle Eastern countries. I do not fear immigrants who want to live here. I fear those who are ignorant of what is appealing about this country--the right to live as we want. I have not seen any Muslims trying to get us to put down mats and pray in schools. Yet Pseudo-Christians want to force their beliefs on the rest of society. And why limit your discrimination to Muslims?

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Kobach defends speech to group labeled as 'white nationalists'

Some of the controversy might be mitigated if Kobach would post what he said at the conference. Or is that available somewhere?

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Former AG Phill Kline sues to restore law license

Did he lose or were the ballots accurate?

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Letter: Abortion protest

There is no "answer." Some people would argue the mother's life should not be a part of the equation. I guess the closest answer is that it is up to the mother.

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