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Lawrence man, 27, faces trial for two attempted murder charges

Solomon your right!!! Porn star? Na, probly not...b glad it wasn't you he shot at....

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Kansas official defends food stamp policy as fair

I don't think it is fair, but if they are both working then why wouldn't they be able to provide for their children as many of us U.S. born citizens have. I believe if they are able to provide shelter and nicer rides then the rest of the community and have a number of people help split the cost of living then they do have enough in their pockets to provide for their children. They know what they are doing and they understand the system, but no child should go hungry. They can provide. The law made them an exception.

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California man sentenced to prison for transporting 700 pounds of marijuana through Kansas

jejeje..that's pretty cool..jejeje..say something..he's livin his life the way he wants..if your gonna do it, do it BIG then.

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Lawrence man sentenced to prison in attempted robbery at North Lawrence Sonic

Wow great yob...and i meant the wetones might take over sonic...

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Five arrested in two burglary incidents in the 1100 block of Louisiana

Goodness he could of at least broke his neck to break his fall...they are not very good robbers are they...

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Transportation dept. almost out of funds


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Lawrence man pleads guilty in death of 62-year-old man

An your last name is...ignorance is still beautiful...hopefully it has done wonders for you.

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Briscoe's 3 TDs lead KU to 40-10 victory over FIU

Dats what's up...Beak'm what if you can't see it, feel it...and if you don't like..I love it...

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Attorney requests Del. Street shooting suspect be tried as juvenile

don't matter either way, he aint going to learn nothing from being in juvie or prison, so it's a ball in the air, and alot of gum under our shoes... just hope our kids don't grow up to be just like this guy.

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