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Proposal to double fines on K-10 gets closer to approval

"All fines for speeding fines within the corridors would be used for signage, education and enforcement within the safety corridors."
I'll bet the annual fine revenue that this statement is not true. Cash grab anyone?

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Kansas first lady Mary Brownback announces book festival grant winners

Given how crooked her hubby is I'd be very surprised if there weren't some political angle to this, like a stipulation that funds can only be used to buy books featuring abstinent characters.

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Kansas official defends food stamp policy as fair

I don't see a problem here. Children of illegals still qualify for food stamps. But rather than receiving unearned credit the income threshholds are the same regardless of immigrant status. That is the definition of fairness isn't it--treating two people equally?

There shouldn't be any illegal immigrants in Kansas or any of the other states, but non-American workers should be allowed into the country via work visa programs (i.e. H-1B).

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Lawrence couple help rescue children in Third World countries through Kids Alive International

First World - Industrial capitalist nations (the US and its allies)
Second World - Industrialized communist nations (the Soviet Union, China and its allies)
Third World - Undeveloped or developing nations (everyone else)

Obviously they're outdated terms so there really isn't a "Second World".

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Lawrence couple help rescue children in Third World countries through Kids Alive International

Religious people may see my post as cynical. Check out the "Our Beliefs" page on the KAI website. I think they're worded in such a way as to make my comments above seem a little less cynical.

I'd much rather see a child exposed to religious indoctrination with a full belly than have it starving to death, but then those aren't the only options are they? Not all charitable organizations have a spiritual mission or dogma tied to their services. The International Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are secular charities, but there are others who can provide services that are needed, not just services that comply with the organization's dogma.

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Lawrence couple help rescue children in Third World countries through Kids Alive International

While reading this I was holding my breath, waiting for some comment about the love of Jesus. Many people are concerned about the effeciency of a charity, how much is spent on administration. That's a worthy concern, but no less important is this question: How much money is spent on religious indoctrination? From the KAI website:

"Kids Alive reflects the love of Christ by rescuing orphans and vulnerable children, nurturing them with quality holistic care and sharing with them the transforming power of Jesus Christ so they are enabled to give hope to we rescue children-in-crisis, we submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, depend on the power of the Holy Spirit, accept the authority of the scriptures, and make prayer central to our ministry...We cooperate closely with national Christians to develop culturally relevant, caring communities for children, and to encourage the growth of godly leadership."

And that's not all. They have a picture of a child going through a baptism ritual. KAI is clearly an overtly religious organization whose goal it is to spread the belief in Jesus.

If a charity saves a life, cures a disease or feeds an empty stomach then it's doing good work. But is it inappropriate to scrutinize its true motivation? How many religious charities, in the process of doing very good and much-needed work, take advantage of their captive audience to spread the word of Jesus? (i.e. Many missions during the Depression were happy to feed the homeless, once they sat through a sermon.)

I wonder if they would still provide the charity were they forbidden to mention religion. I wonder if the religious would still donate resources if they weren't assured of delayed supernatural compensation. I wonder how much native culture is undermined or supplanted by such religious charity work.

So LJW is essentially promoting to an expressly religious organization.

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Kansas homeless shelters report increase in clients; directors seeing more families

"help the families not the drunks"

When the word "homeless" is used many conservative folks think of the worst case scenario--drunks who (as long as they continue to drink) aren't much more than perpetual parasites--while liberals tend to see the opposite--those temporarily down on their luck. So your distinction is an important one that everyone should consider when offering an opinion in the matter.

That said, AA is a religious organization so you (the legal system) can't mandate entry into one of its programs. Addtionally, quitting drinking through AA is about as successful as quitting drinking without AA (about 20%).

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Kansas homeless shelters report increase in clients; directors seeing more families

Indeed. I wonder if the doubling of the number of homeless is in any way related to DoCo's (relatively) hospitable atmosphere. Could there be a connection between the quality of accommodations and the number of those wishing to take advantage of free room and board.

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Lawrence detectives and police officers search an area near Kansas Highway 10 bypass at 27th Street

...and count no one--family, friend, cop, military--out as a potential suspect. You don't get away with 10+ rapes when you look like the kind of guy that would rape someone. Effective predators are good at blending in.

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Occupy Lawrence protester arrested after climbing onto Weaver's roof

The OWS people have done a lot more than I have and we've both accomplished the same thing--nothing. Well excuse me for being efficient. Work smart not hard OWS. But more importantly, know your destination before you start walking. Otherwise you're just wandering around.

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