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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

So only people who are able to perform a double backflip can judge Olympic gymnastics? The "requisite skills" needed to judge EJ's ability can be nothing more than understanding basketball and following the Jayhawks.

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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

Looking at a naked person makes you a perv? My, aren't your hands squeaky-clean.

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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

Why is a representative of a hate groups (American Family Association) being asked for an opinion in a state hearing? (Hint: He probably wrote the bill.) And why is the LJW playing along? A woman-hating pervert is the last person who would qualify as an expert witness in a discussion regarding strip clubs.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

It's perfectly legitimate to evaluate the performance of a player. Such comments wouldn't be made if they didn't care about the team. Monolithic fanaticism is for ideologues.

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Teaching about Thanksgiving in a multicultural society

Does anyone really think of Puritans and Native Americans when they think of Thanksgiving? That may be what led to what we do now, but I don't think anyone over the age of 10 thinks T'giving is anything more than a day to have a big meal with relatives.

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Town Talk: Rumors of AT&T Wireless and Chipotle headed to new S. Iowa building; new group forms to discuss diversity of City Hall leadership; open house set for proposed West Lawrence interchange

At the very beginning people were saying, "Once the abatement runs its course they're going to pull out." It'll happen.

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Rediscovered painting offers slice of city history

Only Hitler would think this article isn't cool.

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U.S. Bank alarm malfunctions amid Busker Festival

What a great way to attract more hobos.

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Plans in works to mark raid on Lawrence

I'm pro-queer, but I think you're being a little dramatic here Enlightenment. The suffering that gays experience and have experienced shouldn't be minimized, but being an oppressed minority is hardly comparable to being considered the private property of another human being.

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