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Brownback says lieutenant governor will welcome Obama to Kansas

January 2012? What happens then? If you're referring to the inauguration of a possible new Prez, it'd be 2013. Nice try, though ;)

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Congratulations to our KU football haiku winner!

Webb, throw it smooth to
Sims and Sands, quick on their feet.
Then we'll wave the wheat!

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Congratulations to our KU football haiku winner!

I love Hawk football!
Memorial Stadium
Is the place to be!

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Serious spuds: Local restaurants step up servings of gourmet fries

yeah, the trick at 5 guys is to get a little burger and split an order of fries with someone else. then it's pretty cheap for awesome food, and they give you so many fries, there's still usually some left over!

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Lied Center announces 2009-2010 season lineup

WOW!! almost all of these shows sound amazing!! I can't believe the Lied Center was able to book such an exciting season! especially with the current economy. and i'm very proud that they have many shows that are cheaper than previous season tickets, which make them more accessible to both KU students and the general public. i think everyone should view a sample of all the shows that are booked before making any judgments on the upcoming Lied Center season. some shows are slightly redundant, but all in all, most performances should and will draw large audiences!

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