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Editorial: Tax impacts

Only if Kansas can convince educated workers to relocate to Kansas. Kansas has less to offer today than it did decades ago and the state cannot compete with most of the rest of the country for the best talent. I believe Kansas is interested only in retaining low wage workers by convincing this labor pool that "there is no place like home". Why invest in the best and the brightest and the infrastructure that supports them when they tend to leave for states with more to offer anyway.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

I don't believe that the right wing conservatives running Kansas intend to neglect-to-death those people and families that have a need for some form of community support - that is to obviously evil. It appears as if the intention is to push as many as possible out of Kansas to be supported by other states. This will lower the cost of social programs within the state allowing the state budget to be balanced even with lower taxes. In addition those states with liberal social support programs will have to spend more to assist these displaced Kansans resulting in a greater burden to those state budgets. Ultimately the right wing conservatives could claim that the finances of Kansas have been much improved with lower taxes and spending while those states with liberal governments are financially strained. Still evil - just not as obvious.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Supreme Court upholds cap on jury awards in medical malpractice

Does the lawyer get a contingency fee out of this award? If so that reduces the amount even further. A low cap helps the insurance companies, corporations, and doctors even more when the contingency fee recouped from the award becomes too low to attract attorneys.

Sure doesn't sound fair but recently there is a lot about Kansas that doesn't sound fair.

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Freedom of speech? Or abuse of our freedoms in order to incite?

So why is shouting "fire" in a theater not protected under the first amendment? As I recall free speech that is likely to, or intended to, cause "imminent lawless action" is considered not covered by the first amendment. The people who made this video, or burned another cultures holy books, knew exactly what their actions would trigger.

We in America (Liberals and Conservatives both) hold the right of free speech to be critical to our civilization. To us the loss of that right is more repugnant than what others often say upon exercising that right. But we are not the only group of people on this planet and there are civilizations that consider blasphemy to be the greater insult than the loss of certain freedoms - even the loss of life. Surely, most Americans are aware of that fact, even if we don't understand it.

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GOP seeks to make state model for nation

For Kansas to become a model for the rest of the nation there would need to be a much larger number of people in the nation who think like the people of Kansas...


Nope still too funny...

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Koch Industries, Kansas Chamber of Commerce trying to knock off moderate Republicans

Must be the heat getting all those Kansas Republicans worked up into a frenzy. Well anyway it explains all the foam on the Kaw these days.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

Does anybody really think there will be a wetlands there in a few dozen years anyway? I wonder which will disappear first, the water, or the traffic?

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Explosives found in truck parked near Statehouse

As the incidents were unrelated must we assume the owner of the pick-up truck was posing a threat to the governors office? It doesn't sound like a liberal from the description of the truck, perhaps it was just another of the governor's new-hires from Florida? You know...for the new Kansas Department of Homeland-on-the-Range Security.

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Many in N.Y. cheer delay of animal disease lab move

Why isn't this on the front page? I expected 100+ comments already. Wake up people!

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

I have to ask.

If the Governor's Public Relations office actively monitors social media, targeting those who make disparaging remarks about the Governor, do they also create any number of anonymous posters to maintain a certain level of public support for the Governor's policies? Doing so would certainly give the perception that more support the current administration than actually do, and public relations experts certainly know the power of perceived "truth".

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