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KU's Multicultural Student Government proposing new path to governing-body status

"Trinity Carpenter, who wasn't present Thursday, is the MSG board chair and also a School of Social Welfare representative on Student Senate."

She was too busy begging for money as a 30 year old still milking a BS degree.

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Kansas Senate panel puts brakes on KU Central District project

What in God's name are you talking about?

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County to seek gun law exemption

Isn't it just as paranoid to assume anyone with a gun is out to hurt you?

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

I can see why you got scammed out of the true value of your family's ranch. 108 is not less than 6% of 640.

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City of Lawrence begins using new automated trash truck

The number of alarmist over a trash truck is astounding. I have lived in Colorado for 3 years where they use these. Mailboxes aren't being taken out, they pick up whatever you put out even if it doesn't fit, and the carts last forever. Apparently Lawrence thinks this is some sort of experimental technology and not what most every other community in America uses.

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

In Illinois, background checks are required at gun shows. Every gun owner in Chicago has been through 3 background checks, the FOID, the CFP, and the FFL all require their own background check. So no guns purchased at Illinois gun shows are used by criminals. You know. Because of background checks.

Don't forget about person to person transfer. In California, all sales, even person to person sales require that the transfer be completed through a FFL, with a 4473 form and background check. Thus gun violence is nonexistent in Los Angeles.

Oh I forgot that as part of the CFP application, they take and pass a firearm safety course. So we can at least be sure that all those criminals are safe.

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Town Talk: Multiyear fight over industrial land near North Lawrence nearing an end; city to use 'reclaimed water' from sewage plant to water trees; another high-tech trash truck on the way

Water coming out of a waste water treatment plant is cleaner than the water it is being dumped into. In most cases you can drink effluent from a WWTP and I have seen engineers do just that to show their confidence in the UV systems that are the last stage of processing.

This author makes it seem like it is barely acceptable to dump into the river when the reality is it would be much cheaper to pump it right back into the water treatment plant since it is cleaner than the river water that is being processed for a potable source.

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City looks at options for new rec center property

"ust think of trying to run a major collegiate track and field event out in a cow pasture away from facilities and supporting interstructure, let alone the lack of ammenities for a fan base."

Oh, you mean like Rim Rock Farm? That seems to work out pretty good.

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Family wants boy's stolen fair project returned

Looser than what?

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Bella Sera residents hope to expand community after sale

I don't think you are getting it. Kansas is a lien theory state as opposed to a title theory state. You owned it, period.

So when you say "I was the owner of record but didn't actually own it" you are just wrong.

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