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Power outage caused by winds

Unless you have a clock radio from the 70's, the ones for sale today have a place to put batteries so that if your electricity goes off your clock keeps right on going and you have no issues with blinking times and being late for anything. Also on the traffic signals, if you have all red, all red flashing or blank lights you treat it as a 4 way stop.

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Motor carrier faces fine for violation

Yeah, I had to re-read this paragraph several times and I still don't get what a "medical examiners certificate" is and how it pertains to driving a vehicle.

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Beggar wins case on basis of free speech

Guys begging for money, but has enough dough to buy drugs. Funny how that works.

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Cameras, checkpoints gone

I have a question liberty4all, why is it only drinking and driving don't mix? I have seen plenty of people get intoxicated and act like crazy people, breaking things, fighting, etc. They don't have to drive to cause damage or hurt others.

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Cameras, checkpoints gone

Thank you estern71, my feelings exactly. When people do their jobs they get yelled at, when they don't do their jobs they get yelled at. How can anyone win? I'm sure when there were OD's and deaths resulting in that, they (parents, friends, etc.) are the first to yell that the cops weren't doing their jobs (and saving lives) are the same people who complain that their rights are being violated. As ridiculous as laws seem to some, no matter, if you break the law and get caught you have to pay the piper. Either break the law in your own home or face the consiquences, you are after all in a public place were laws will be enforced to keep everybody safe, hopefuly.

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Help lacking

Just trying to make sense out of helping others. Sorry if I offended you.

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Help lacking

As a First Responder, you do what you can without making yourself part of the problem. It doesn't matter what kind of "common sense" they had. I have seen it all. I help out no matter what. But if the water was flowing as the paper recently reported, jumping in after him would of potentionally added more victims to the mix and could of resulted in alot more injuries or even death. Maybe some of the fishermen couldn't swim. Maybe they just didn't care. No one but the ones who were there know what happened. I can only be responsible for myself and my actions. I wasn't there, had I been I would have done what was in my powers to help. Some people are afraid to help, others fear repocussions if they do. I can't explain why people don't help others. I know I do on a daily basis, without questioning how people got into the situation. Also, it would help to know what type of "disablity" the man had. If he had a cane, walker, crutches or wheelchair then his disablity would of been apparent, unfort, some disablities aren't noticable to actually be seen, like altzimers, parkisions, etc.

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Help lacking

From somebody that works in a First Responder agency, first rule of thumb, "do not make more patients". I agree that somebody probably had a cell phone and could of called for help or somebody could of tossed him a branch or even extended a fishing pole to help the man out. But in the same breath, if I was disabled, I certainly wouldn't have been doing that type of hobby without somebody responsible being with me. People need to use common sense.

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One person injured in morning accident

I'm curious officeGirl, were did you get your information?

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Single vehicle accident injures one

Well then I apologize, don't have a reason for that. Yeah, I have "ICE" names in my phone too. Problem with that is alot of times, especally in a major accident the cell phone is hard to find amoung the debris.

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