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KU play explores teen's disappearance

Hey jackass, maybe if I came over to your house and did what roger rose did to me you would catch a clue......But since I'm not that kind of a guy, all I can say is If you ever see me, just keep walking....Because you have used up what little patience I have left with your family.

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

Wasting time? Your the one on your knees in front of this collumn like a crack head bartering for another hit....Who is wasting time? last post I have seen from anybody has been months and months ago......until now of Rob said BUCK UP SPORT!

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

Leave em hanging rob!

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Gun regression

wife beaters? News for you honey, domstic abuse is not just for guys.....In fact the % is about the same for lesbian couples......But I will admit, "wife beater" would be the appropriate title for that situation.
So you know people who have guns and are idiots.....That speaks more about the company you keep then about the average gun owner.....lucky for us the "when I shine my piece it gets real stiff" morons usually only off themselves.

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Gun regression

You should all be thankful we have easily obtainable guns......If we didn't we would have sh!t being blown up all the time.....Thank god car and club bombings have never caught on as a cool and hip thing......
as a personal opinion, i truly believe if they re-established dueling laws we would live in a more polite society.....not to mention the awesome pit fight matches at the bars on weekends.

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Owners seek to boost visibility

It's called marketing.....And chain restaraunts wouldnt have the toe hold they do if it wasn't for the fact that many of the local places are very inconsistent about the quality of their food and service....Allso, lawrence pays crap for food workers....Most places think if they get enough big boobed gals to work front of the house that people will ignore the crappy service and food.....I'm so glad I am out of the biz (other then some catering and the jerky/pickle thing leann and me do)

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Local pastor helps rally for gay rights

let's get off religion and get back to the hate crime stuff.
And the term "redneck" has turned into one of the acceptable hate words in the pc lexicon.......They do not use it to mean a person with strong rural ties and a penchant towards things country.....No, they mean a slack jawed yokel, a mean spirited bigoted sister banging meth head.......The guys who beat up mirecki were not called religous fanatics, they were called rednecks....the guy who shanked that basketball player, a redneck....Go through the messages on this board and show me how many positive uses of the word you see......What's ironic is that most rednecks and real hippies have a ton in common.

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Local pastor helps rally for gay rights

it's all good...I just felt like being picky about something trivial and stupid(after dealing with it from others all month I decided it is my turn)

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Local pastor helps rally for gay rights

and it's "rednek" if you are being friendly about it....just like the spelling "nigga"...... Most likely this post will be taken off the board, which shows blatant hypocrisy.

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Local pastor helps rally for gay rights

Whoops.....typo. Does anybody remember the incident that happened in front of the replay 4 or 5 years back? That incident was turned into a hate crime by political activists and the guys lawyer.....I see way too many ways this law will be abused.
As for the sheppard case.....If you have some body tied up and beat them to death it should be murder 1....while they may of not originally planned to, once you have somebody restrained any action after that is premeditated.......A better example of hate crime would be the idiots who dragged that black dude to death in texas(?).....but once again The penalty for such a heinous act should so sever that there would be no room for any extra punishment.

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