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KU play explores teen's disappearance

Look, I know some people think that this was a soapbox for Rob and I to garner sympathy or us fishing for a chance to make some $ in a lawsuit....The trollls had a field day and you know what? That 's cool.....We got our chance to speak finally, and I feel better about some things....I started off very harsh concerning the leach family and went overboard in my venting.Now that I've bled out that infected wound, I feel like later on down the line I could have a sit down with harold and his wife and try reconcile our problems in a honorable fashion. Regardless of the people who thought this was a waste of time....We got our property back and have publically been dropped as "people of interest"....I do not think that would of happened without this public debate(and my family helping me get an attorney did not hurt) and the interest and controversy it caused. So thank you ljworld.....While I do not agree or even like some of how you handled this tragedy of the years, you still presented a forum for my dear friend and myself to help clear our names.

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20 years gone

katmandu: I requested nicely to address comments regarding me on the "play explores" board....This was to keep this board open for the public....I could be sarcastic, but I won't....please do as I request...please.

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Bizarre events surrounding Leach case

Bozo? Screw you bob....That collum would of been less repetitous and way more civil if the trolls didnt picnic in it...As for Lee harper aka terry martin....Him and detective weston should of been brought up on federal charges...they left the state "in fear of their lives" to keep the soap opera they orchestrated fresh and exciting....So they could sell it to the highest bidder....I think even the leaches would agree with that......As for the multiple buildings being torched.....I'll bet dollars to doughnuts a lot of them were caused by vengeful people out for some vigalante justice....Which ended up muddying the case even further....The caves are closer to bonner springs then linwood (linwood is on a floodplain). I do owe harold leach a apology...He said he had pictures of a cave with satanic drawings.....I claimed that was most likely a fabrication on his part....He showed my friend rob photos....So there was a cave and hence my need for a apology.....I will refute the drawings as "SATANIC".....Stoner and young teen B.S yes, but nothing to get anybodies pantys in a bunch.....As I said in the main story....I will try to make this the last post on this collumm....any comments to me, please adress them to "play explores teens disappearence" comment board.....It will minimize my name being everywhere and cause people to say I'm an attention whore or whatever troll speak for that is....

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20 years gone

Rocky macy....Us "friends" did come forward....we just were not believed.....Hopefully this will be my last post on this collum.....and responses to me should be written on the "play explores teens disappearance"....And for all those people who said I was using this to get attention....I turned down a interview from ljworld. I will apologize for some of my more insensitive posts,I do not expect any apologies from the trolls that frequent this board.....I do not expect you to understand me and my friend robs outrage about the crap that happened to us.....with all the horrible crap that goes on in the world, it sounds really tame comparatively......but for those people that keep poopooing me and telling me to "move on" or "whats your complaint, your still alive".....(this is probably going to cause a sh!t storm) Would you tell a rape victim that? ...I guess that rob and I were asking for it, dressed all slutty like we were......I'll reiterate, the above comment from mr./ms macy insults everyone who cooperated with the authorities and told the truth....And please do not say he was addressing it to only certain people.....The comments from the last board and most likely this is usually a blanket accusation to anyone that was at the party....or even a few who were not..PAM PHILLIPS is top on that list......Anyway, Harold and Alberta, I am sorry that this has gone on this long without you two finding closure.....I will not make any more comments on the past mistakes made .....You guys did Rob a world of good (and hopefully it helped you too, if just a little) with the talk you had with him....Maybe some day I'll call you for a sit down....but the way my life is going right now, I'm afraid if a disagreement happened I would not be civil, or I would say something very hurtful......Like I said earlier, any comments to me , please address them to the earlier board.

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

So in the same breath you accuse me of lying then give your self brave of you.....If you will notice sir/madam I have not posted for a long while....I was called by multiple people who have an interest in my well being and told me I was being attacked.....Right along the time lj world has been hassling me for an interview...coincidence? the 20 year anniversary is around the bend and I'm sure there will be a surge of b.s....And yes I do have a lawyer on retainer....It's amazing how much more innocent you are if you spend cash on a shyster....Go's not let things like collaboration of evidence(or lack of) constant cooperation and truth hold any just a few thousand dollars and someone versed in pig latin undos 20 years of crap....But I need to move on? I'll tell you what sport, I promise I will never type another word about this again IF I see that the 3 to 4 year cycle is broken.....When I do not have to deal with it you won't here from me....I've dealt with it longer then you have had to hear from me(you could allways not read this you ones holding a gun to your head)...I'm being a prick? So be it, share the misery seems to work for every other c7cks3cker on this planet, I've just decided to join the human race.

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

One more thing...Sunshine...You talked about me gaining an identity through this concerning linwood....I have not stepped foot in that town in over ten years(and that was to get gas) Nor have i talked to anybody from that town who I had not kept in contact with since highschool....Also, you state that I really had little to say....1: I was concerning myself over a few things, and refused to be sidetracked...2: I do not need to air out more dirty laundry then I had to to make my point.....And that everything I talked about could be collaborated by others.....I tried real hard not to throw hearsay and conjecture out here....I leave that to all the arm chair detectives bravely going over the same old crap and coming up with the same old crap....If you knew how many times I have heard these theorys you would laugh at yourself when you tell me I repeat myself.

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

And what does that mean sir/madam? Slime is not to be feared... I'll be the first to naysay polygraph tests....But it's interesting how you spin that....isnt it just as easy to get a false negative? Like rob said, I passed mine and all it got me was more questioning and more requests to take more polygraphs.....while all the time the cops saying "but this one will clear your name"....which is what they said the first time. As for ODDS...what odds are those?can you put a number to that statement....It's vague crap like this which makes me jump up and reply....witch hunt mentality.

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

You state what we went through was trivial.....Comparatively yes, I could see how it would seem trivial.....until it happens to you....The media has so desensitized the average newsreader to all the bad things that happen in the world I could see how you think this is nothing.....Truth be told, when this first happened the chain of events were so dammed farcical that Rob and myself could not help but laugh at it and the cops who bungled it (not the fact that randy dissapeared....but if you had been there you would know that his dissappearance and the comedy of errors that followed us were two seperate things)....Until it would not go away...imagine being stuck in a bad sit-com for years on end..I wonder sir/madam how well you would of handled it? I know you think probably pretty well....I assume you are over 25, but try to imagine this crap happening when you were 17/18 and continuing through you life until you are allmost 40? In all honesty you are speaking out of your a$$ when you tell us to grow up....The last time I ever publically said anything about this was in 98....To repeat myself, look up the kc star article and get a brainful of the crap that was happening.I'm sorry nobody else other then a few people who dealt with this did not post their opinions.....I'm sure many want to forget it....just as I'm sure many are embarresed by their action during this time. I honestly did not want this to be about me.....I did get carried away their for awhile(and admitted it)....I'll tell you what, to keep this from being a "look at me" conversation, agree to meet me somewhere public for a drink at let's look at each other eye to eye while we have a conversation....I strive to be a gentleman and like I said, never promoted myself as a badass....What do you say? Let's have a drink like twp civilized people and not post more crap here....agreed?

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

Sunshine....I'll try to be brief.....You are correct....I did get a kick out of this.....For twenty years I've put up with this and finally got to get on a soap box....What you see as whining was a appeal to get a public apology from people who wronged me....From your perspectiveit may seem trivial, but to me and others who have dealt with this stuff it has done a number on us if we admit it or not......I do not try to blame this situation for screwing up my life, but truth be told it did not help it very much either.....I did not start this crap and I did not write about it until I heard this was going to be a play....So I say I was doing a pretty good job of "getting over it".....If I repeated myaself it was because people kept repeating theirselves and it does anger me when people who do not know anything about this topiceither poopoohs me or tells me I'm not telling the truth.....I will proudly say that rob marble and myself did our best to keep the facts straight to the best of our abilities for this long....Hell the cops pretty much told us the same fact one of them confessed why we kept getting called up was because of the consistency of our interviews.....this was a case of no good deed goes unpunished. It seems sir/madam that you tried to start a flame war with me and I'm sorry to dissappoint you....You think I'm a p*ssy for what I have said....That's your opinion.....I never tried to act like a badass, but I've never backed down from a fight either....If you think I tried to turn this into a "look at me" scenario, you are partially correct......Since this directly affected my life (up to death threats, home invasion and loss of jobs) I have to use "me" and "I" alot.....I also do not presume to talk for others....I'll defend them, and I believe you owe rob a apology....He, unlike myself was man enough to go and talk to the leach family, I went out of my way to not mess with them, and apon risk of repeating myself, dropped charges on their cousin/nephew(whichever), but I cannot find it in myself to speak to them civilly after all these years...ask my mom about the calls and literature sent to her house......He put up with more bullsh!t from the town then I did(he was a naitive son and I was that weirdo that moved in from lawrence) and he forgave more people then I could if I had been betrayed by someone(s) I grew up with since kindergarden....He is one of the true blue people in the world and I'd take him overthe entire town of linwood with eudora and desoto thrown in.

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KU play explores teen's disappearance

The original intent of my comments was my concern over if there was going to be any actual names in the pllay....And to voice concern that people would use what is said to be fiction as a springboard for more Nancy Drew armchair sleuthing....While no names were used, the latter did happen in spades.

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