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Should the state make kindergarten attendance mandatory?

What about those who don't feel their kid is ready for Kindergarten? My youngest is a summer baby & will be one of the youngest in her class if she starts on time, but I've doubt that she will be ready emotionally. We have one more year to prep. her....i.e. Pre-school for a 2nd year.

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Are you looking forward to the Sidewalk Sale?

I don't mind going but, I never find out about it yearly enough to set aside money & time for it. When I do go I don't go down town. It's too packed (& too many strollers). I go to the Kohl's area & find better deals there than downtown. That area does have some stuff outside but most of their sales stuff is inside were it's nice and cool.

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AG charges Wichita abortion doctor with 19 misdemeanors

It's sad to see a 10 yr old on the list. One would think/hope that the parents, doctor, & everyone else involved for those under the age of consent would take every legal action they can, but if she's not talking then nobody can do a thing. Besides I think one can still get DNA from a fetus fullterm or not.

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The Census Bureau says Lawrence is losing population. Why do you think that is?

Lawrence is to expensive to live in. Living wage is too low. City Hall is not business friendly. Schools suck.

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Consumer greed

Just because the label says made in America dosen't mean that the parts, thread, glue, etc. was made in America. Those things most likly came from somewhere else.

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Fuel standards

I live way out in the country. I limit my driving to town once a week sometime once every two weeks. I do VERY little that allows me to leave my hill. If somebody has an appointment of some kind that I have to take them to then that is my one time in town for the week to do my grocery shop, etc. For the daily food like milk & bread my husband picks it up on his way home from work. I do my bday & holiday shopping through the internet because the shipping & handling is cheaper then gas. My friends & family wonder how I haven't lost my sanity because I'm so isolated on my hill. We can't pay $400 a month on a new car payment, not to mention the extra in fullcoverage insurance & taxes just to save what $200 a month in gas.

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Fuel standards

I agree with Agn & crazyks.

I'm all for fuel-efficiant cars, but I can only do what my pocketbook let's me do. The price tag of a hybrid may eventually go down but it still might not be low enough for my pocketbook. So in the meantime I have to get my 10 yrold minivan to last at least 14 more years (that's when the youngest goes off to college). And even then I'll have to just downsize to a "pre-owned" sedan that I can afford because we have 4 to put through college. I just can't afford a "must have" or "gotta keep up with the Jones" mentality. And I'm sure there're some in the same boat.

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Fuel standards

$20,000-$30,000 is still too high. Can't do it!

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Fuel standards

Yes I would love to go green but, if you want everyone to switch to hybrid then they need to drop the $$$$$$! Not everyone can afford one. One hybrid costs more than most make in one year(not to mention the cost of maintenance). Plus they're not big enough for my 6 member family. I drive a mini-van.

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City's belt tightening costs one job; more cuts may follow

I agree, adding the name is uncalled for!

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