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Health insurance gaps for young adults addressed

fortunately our kids are all health as an ox "knock on wood" but I did miss predicting supporting my mother, at least this yearly (50 someting).

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Health insurance gaps for young adults addressed

I guess I should have looked into my crystal ball for the major "curve balls" that life has thrown us when we sat down with our "checkbook" to see if we were ready to start a family. I mean we missed predicting gas & food $$$ going up this high, among other things.

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From the cloth

I used both on all 3 of my kids. Cloth at home, disposable at night & the once a week trip to town running errands. All though it got hubby out of most of the diaper duty. I also shocked the doc. once when I left the house with a cloth on baby #2. The whole office commented on how "brave" I was to be useing cloth. I will agree that it is impossible to find daycare that will let you use cloth. I worked with baby # 1 and had one that said they would loose their lisence if they were caught using cloth in there daycare. All in all it still saved me a lot of money.

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Piling on

"Nicely put, Teachers should not have to do parenting. But since parents are to busy trying to, as my dad would have put it, "keeping up with the Joneses", to care about parenting, and the government keeps tying parents hands on discipline, I guess teachers are the last resort. Parents need to take back the responsiblity for parenting their children."

I agree!

I can't afford "twinkie's". The little kids throw fits when they can't have them.(my teenager has got the point) They go to their rooms until they except the cheese or fruit. Homemade sweets are saved for after dinner. It's a good way to get them to eat a health dinner. "No desert until you clean your plate!" I can afford homemade because I already use the flour, baking soda, etc. for my homemade dinners. I tried the no pop thing but some others ruined that so it's just 1 a day. Oh wait, some don't agree with the way my family eats. But you know what it's working because not one of us it over weight by any means and we're all hardly ever sick.

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Legislative proposal would raise tobacco tax

This will just make more smoker's go to the reservation's to get their smokes. I know someone that already does and only pays about $10.00 a carton.

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Tonganoxie seniors' T-shirts become subject of cover-up

This reminds me of my senior class T-Shirts. We were told to do the same because the school staff thought they where inappropriate to wear. I still have mine just for laughs. LOL!!!

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Double Take: Reader emphasizes positive outcome of teen pregnancy

I agree with both. I too had a baby @ 17. I kept my baby but it was a very tough road too take. Because I lived @ home SRS wouldn't help me until they got the clue that either SRS help or I was on the streets because my parents weren't going to help. I then only recieved Medicaid from SRS. Then my parents found a home for pregnant teens for me but to stay there they had to pay the bill. Of course my parents wouldn't have that so I became a legal adult at age 17 & started recieving more aide but my fee for staying in the home was half of everything I got. Which gave me almost nothing to save. By that time I was well showing makeing it impossible to get a job. I couldn't get Section 8 because the waiting list was so long that they weren't even taking apps. The house told me that I had 30 days to find a place to live after my baby was born. I ended up back at my parents but had to pay rent equal to a studio apt. in Lawernce @ the time. Oh and NO babysitting. I had to find my own. I was lucky to find a job "flipping burgers" when my baby was 6 wksold. But working 40+ hrs/wk @ min. wage gave me too much for any aid other then Medicaid. I did eventually move out into Section 8. but rent was bassed on wages. My baby's dad was ordered to pay support but didn't work so guess what no money.Because of the support I was "supose" to get I got even less aid from SRS. But I was ordered to drive all over the country side because he "had the right to see his kid".

My point is it's not easy. Not everyone has the support system like the 17 yrold. SRS kept telling me that my family is suppose to help me & couldn't understand why they weren't then didn't care. I was told to go to college but couldn't because of money & a babysitter. 13 yrs later thing's have smoothed out now. Still no child support but, at least I only hear from him 1-2 x's a year. The 1 good thing is when I see how good my 13 yrold is doing I can say "I DID" that.

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What do you think the City Commission should do, if anything, about problem bars?

Closeing down a bar won't really fix the problem. The patron's will just find somewhere else to go. I remember a bar along 23rd that has had many owner/names and still had "problems". Come to think of it I don't recall hearing anything about that one since Last Call opened up. Hummm?

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Do you have a tattoo, and if so, what inspired it?

I have four. All but the first one are original ideas. I actually watched the guy throw away the drawings. Each one was to mark that point in my life. The latest one, which is about 6 weeks old is three butterflies with my kids initial's & birth year. I don't think I'm done either.

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Change considered for parking meters

I have yet to see Lawrence tell how they are going to STOP SPENDING. It's always how to make more. Example being paying $250,000 to someone to tell the city what they need to do to improve or something else then NOT doing anything. I say yes to raize the fine, because I know many that say the ticket is cheaper than feeding the meter at times, especialy when they work downtown.

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