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Agencies investigate death of 52-year-old Topeka man at Hamm Quarry

This has happened before! Same exact accident & with this company! Go back about 20 yrs. thankfuly the man then wasnot killed but was left badly disabled. He even got small workmans comp. settlement.

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Who does the majority of the housework where you live?

Because most of his work is being done while I'm at work so I can't "follow" him around with the wooden spoon as my mother did to me also. Boy I learned real quick to not put my hands at my backside ;) OUCH!

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Who does the majority of the housework where you live?

I was a 24/7 stay at home mom & did everything. I recently started working part-time at night and the only help I get from hubby (besides babysitting) is when he runs out of socks and underwear. The teen does do some help around the house but, I end up having to go back and reclean because of his halfa$$ job he did.

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Retail restraints lock out leases

I'm just waiting for Redlobster's to come to Lawrence. That wouldn't be "competing" with any other in the area let alone in town.

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How will you spend 600 bucks?

Either we'll pay some debt or save it so we can pay our 2008 property taxes. Either way we won't have it for long.

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What do you do to stay in shape and keep yourself healthy?

My exercise is chasing after my kids, cleaning house, doing laundry, etc. (my laundryroom is in the basement). I smoke, drink, and eat everything. I just do it in moderation, well at least eat ;) And I am a size 4.

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'Mean Mom' sells son's car

I love it! Way to go MOM!

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Life-saving act

Cheers to the biker dude & to all in the house for getting out alive!

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Hunters find strength in traditions

That reminds me I have a package of deer meet in the freezer. I guess we're having chili this weekend. mmm good! ;)

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Health insurance gaps for young adults addressed

I don't agree in letting the government control one more thing in our lives but, I do feel that something has to be done. Checking up on the fraud. cases across the board would be a start. Illegal's, disabilities, medical to name a few.

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