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Letter: NRA sway?

Here is my 2 cents. Yes, you can purchase a firearm off the Internet, but they will only ship it to somebody who has a Federal Firearms License. The person with the Federal Firearms License will run a background check on you, and you will pay them a small fee for their service. You can also purchase a firearm at a gun show without any kind of background check. This is allowed so gun owners can sell their weapons privately to other gun owners without having to go through a Federal Firearms License dealer. If a convicted felon purchases a firearm from another person privately, they are breaking a federal law and could go back to prison for doing so. Please tell me of one instance, where somebody committed one of these mass murders, and they purchased their weapons at a gun show or privately from another person. Name me just one instance. I don't believe there are any instances, but please let me know if I'm wrong. They either stole them or purchased them from a dealer who ran a background check on them, and they passed the background check. It's not the weapon that needs to be controlled; it's the loose nut behind the trigger who needs to be controlled. The nut job that is responsible for the Sandy Hook Elementary incident broke more than one law. He murdered his mother and stole her guns. What other silly law would have prevented him for doing what he did? It seams to me that he didn't care about any laws, or he wouldn't have broken them. Maybe we need to include mental records, when a background check is performed. The problem is that the bill that was presented to the US Senate contained all these other silly agendas, which are included to slowly eat away at our rights to own firearms. These agendas include limiting the magazine capacities or outlawing anything that could be considered an assault weapon. I have a 22-caliber rifle that may be included in an assault weapons ban, just because I can purchase a 50 round magazine for it. It's a peashooter for Christ sake! Lets end the madness and pass laws that make sense or stop letting criminals out of prison because of overcrowding or commit those who are a danger to our society.

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Sound Off: Key conundrum

I found an extra key in my desk drawer, and cannot for the life of me remember what it's for. Should I turn that in as well? :-)

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Gun bills easily approved

As Joe Friday from the TV series Dragnet put it "Just the facts".

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Gun bills easily approved

The police are not flawless with their handguns. I believe I read an article in the LJ World a few years ago about a retired Lawrence PD detective who's concealed weapon was accidently discharged in a store here in Lawrence. I have never heard of someone with a concealed carry permit having the same incident.

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Gun bills easily approved

Why are people afraid of law abiding citizens, who have had extensive training, carrying guns? I have not heard of one incident where anybody with a concealed carry permit murdered a bunch of innocent people. Not one. Please let me know if you have heard such an incident. The guy in Newtown murdered his own mother to get the guns he used. His mother should have secured her guns better, but she paid the ultimate price for her mistakes. It is ALREADY illegal to murder somebody and steal their property. Most laws cannot prevent things from happening, they just punish the perpetrators once they have happened. Guns are necessary when seconds count and police are minutes away. In other words, the police cannot really protect you, the just lock up the perpetrators once they have done the dirty deed.

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

Loud pipes are not cool, they are simply somebody being very rude. Have a little consideration for others man! And stop crowding the center line as well. You will get the worse end of the deal if you're 800 lb ride bounces of the bumper of my 4000+ lb pickup truck. Just think about it.

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Lawrence Flea organizer has ‘big ideas’ for fledgling market

Go ahead and make fun of us who go to flea markets. Are flea markets not trendy or hip enough for you? I know I'm wasting my time, so I will get off my soapbox.

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Do you consider the price of gas when planning for a long drive?

Yes, we need to all use less fuel. That is sometimes had to do, if you have a life. It would help a lot if everybody would live where they worked, or at least somewhat close to where you work. I never have understood why some people are willing to drive 30 to 40 miles to work every day. It's a waste of time, fuel, and vehicle. It would also help if everybody got the heck out of my way! LOL

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Lawrence man, 23, arrested in connection with auto burglaries

He must be from Topeka, because Lawrence doesn't have people like that living here! ROFLOL

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Nudist group that began in Lawrence shows fun, relaxation to be had in a body

Not trying to be smart, just making a point.

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