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Injured 4-year-old flown to Kansas City hospital

Head injuries are tricky. They can appear really bad but actually be harmless. Other times they can appear harmless and be really bad. Maybe the child was exhibiting signs of a serious head injury...vomiting, loss of consciousness, fluid coming from the ears, unequal pupils, etc. Getting him/her to Children's Mercy quickly was a good call. I hope the child makes a full and speedy recovery :)

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Charges likely to be filed Wednesday in connection with fatality accident north of Lawrence

I am very sorry to hear that such a young person died so needlessly and so near the holidays. My condolences to the family and friends.

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Hearing delayed for De Soto mother accused of starving her 6-year-old son, confining him to attic

I wish we could get an update, too. I'm sure he's doing far better than he was when he lived with that crazy women, but I'm sure the horror he lived through left life-long damage, both emotionally and physically. I know someone who was deliberately malnourished as a small child, and this poor man (who is now in his sixties) continues to have health problems to this day.

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Lawrence man convicted of repeatedly raping child

Throw away the key...

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Boy killed after being struck by vehicle

OMG what a horrible, tragic accident. I can't even imagine...
My thoughts are with the family and friends of this little boy.

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Tiger Woods, wife officially divorced

Good for her.

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Malnourished child found in De Soto attic

This is just awful. At least they found him before it was too late. He'll receive medical attention and not be returned to his crazy "mother". Poor, poor little boy.

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Tonganoxie couple fined for hosting teen parties with alcohol

Does anyone know how old these kids were?
I had a few friends in high school whose folks would let us have a few beers at their homes. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

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Gay marriage another sign of moral decay

Liberals have no tolerance for those whose views differ from their own, Mr Thomas. Surely you know that.

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Kitchen cool: No-cook dishes take sweat out of mealtime

I agree about the melon/cheese combo. That mango avocado salad, however, has me salivating! I must try it :)

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