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Two people injured in car accident on U.S. 24-40 near Lawrence Airport

We've all had our personal tragedies unless we're very young or very lucky. Hope you find you way out of your hell. Now's the time to try some personal writing, examine your life in words and then, especially if it is depressing, delete it and start over...and over...and over.

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23-year-old Lawrence man identified as victim in fatal motorcycle accident

Condolences to his family and friends. So sad that he was here for only 23 years.

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No injuries at fire in 3100 block of Creekwood Drive

Sounds like a good idea. I've often wondered about the locations mentioned in stories, even with an explanation.

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No injuries at fire in 3100 block of Creekwood Drive

Seems rather that it needs a "to" added after damage, as in "caused an estimated $175,000 damage to his northern Lawrence home."

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Man dies after head-on motorcycle accident on Iowa Street; road shut down for nearly five hours

Ironically, I was driving north on Iowa yesterday and noticed a motorcyclist who wasn't driving irratically but was switching lanes a few times. He was a man probalby in his 50's. What caught my attention was the fact that he wasn't wearing a helmet. The head is very vulnerable so why risk it? At the same time, he had ear buds in, obviously listening to something, which could be distracting. I was just hoping that he made it to his destination without incident,

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Crowding complaints follow freshmen onto Lawrence high school campuses

The kid says, "There's nothing I can do about it, I'll work with what I have." and he's whiny? Hope you meant everyone but him. If not, reread the article.

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, sexual assault charges for second time in two weeks

Bout as funny as the guy who was blaming her after the first assault.

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Abortion providers argue Kansas' new regulations aren't backed by data

Or we could combine his name with the current state name.

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