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Construction worker critically injured in fall at Eudora building site

Did anyone else find it ironic that he fell at the Eudora Public Safety Building?

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Occupy Lawrence members ticketed in South Park

Does this mean that all of us that pay taxes can ignore the rules, laws, ordinances?
I don't disagree about Wall Street but does that give anyone the right to break the laws in return? If so, we don't need a government that we elect or police forces. Let's all just do what we want! After all, why should the rules apply to the rest of us if not to these people?
If anyone else commits a crime, we are entitled to do the same with no repercussions while screaming for punishment for the original law breakers?

There is a city ordinance (law, rule, etc.) stating that the park is closed at certain times. Does that mean just for some of us?

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Lawrence school board approves purchase of iPad 2s, tax rebate for Masonic Temple

And related hardware....but still. I can't figure out where they are finding $211 worth of additional hardware per iPad.

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KU professor says Illinois crackdown on texting while driving can be example for local law enforcement

I will never figure out what is so important that a driver cannot wait until he/she arrives at their destination. I'm guessing most texts are just conversations. Why is it that no one can spend two minutes by themselves without phoning, texting, etc.? You see them on the roads, in the stores, restaurants. It's sad but a friend with teenagers told me recently that kids don't really know how to react socially. They will even sit in the same room and text each other rather than talk. Will homo sapiens eventually lose the ability to speak by not using it?

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Postal Service proposes cuts in processing centers

Ironically, I use first class mail on all my internet sales and USPS doesn't have printing of that online. I have to use PayPal and it costs a lot more, or else use an online postage service. If they want us to use 1st class, they should make it more accessible to us.

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In defending against abortion lawsuit, state says it has interest in favoring childbirth over abortion, protecting human life

You have to wonder what happens to all those children born that no one wanted. Who wants and takes care of them after they're born? The people here shouting for their right to live? Do they come around and help out after the birth or bitch about the fact that they are paying taxes to help support those lazy women who keep having children? Just questions that bug me.

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Kansas University's 64th annual Band Day

I remember marching in that parade 50 years ago and for a few after that. Then we would stand out on the field at Memorial Stadium to practice for the halftime show. The worst was when it was hot. Still, a few fond memories.

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Kansas resident dies after being infected by rare, brain-eating amoeba

Valid point, BlackVelvet.

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