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Eudora police arrest man on allegations of child abuse

How'd he get extradited from KCMO so fast?

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House gives preliminary OK to KPERS change for future hires

This is the same reason the state system is in trouble. If the state had contributed their portion over the last 17 yrs. there would not be a Kansas pension problem now. This bill does not address this continuing problem.

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17 Westar customers lose power after squirrel interferes with equipment

It's Saturday. The lineman had to drive in from home. Get his truck and then drive to the outage location. 2 hours is not bad. But then this is the age of instant gratification.

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Long-time Lawrence police sergeant retiring

Leigh good luck in your retirement.

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Pension reform

The committee is suggesting that future legislators go under the new system. The current legislators will stay with the current "golden" retirement plan.

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Firing range litigation enters new round


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Tourism leader to retire early next year


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Humane Society director’s salary finalized at $70K

The HS is not a government agency.

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Panel endorses 401(k)-style pension plan for state workers

Good luck on getting government employees with this type of plan. If I wanted to work under a a 401(k) I would go to work in the private sector where I could make more money to put toward retirement. The current retirement system is one of the reasons that you can get employees at less than the going rate vs. the private sector.

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