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Jaywalking tickets

Red Dog doesn't encourage breaking traffic laws during warm-up exercises - he goes to
busy intersections during runs to try to ensure safety for the runners. All of the runners I've ran with keep an eye on the traffic signals - sometimes we run on a red light but not when traffic is coming - like most of the running, walking, bicycling community does.
little puppie

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Lawrence powerlifter Brady Tanner nominated to join Team USA for the Special Olympics World Games in Greece

Great Story LJW! I first heard about Brady at Red Dog's Dog Days workouts in summer 2008 when Red Dog introduced Brady at a workout at Memorial Stadium. Go Brady! Go Red Dog! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Concrete results: New house's efficiency is a stunning surprise for builder, who predicts 75 percent decrease in utility expenses

How is the house ventilated? If not well ventilated, might indoor air toxin levels increase with the increasing efficiency?

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