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Rude and totally uncalled for!!! The n word is totally inappropriate in any situation...... Of course this problem will continue no matter what. Lawrence is in a bad spot being right off of I-70 between two large cities and who knows it may be locals doing this or antagonizing the problem(s) anyway. My experience with most of the bars here is pretty good but the door men/bouncers seems to be the problem most of the time.They really need to do something about that problem,I have seen people really roughed up for no reason(and I don't drink most of the time when I'm out anymore I'm the DD now) by these guys and when I see this type of problem reported in the paper I wonder if it isn't something the doormen/bouncers didn't instigate from their bulldog tactics!!!!

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11 employees take Tonganoxie city vehicles home with them

Hmm interesting article but I was in Baldwin last Saturday and seen a City of Lawrence truck rolling through town...that was interesting and kind of questionable also.What is a Lawrence city vehicle doing in Baldwin anyway??

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$4 gas comes to town

How about selling the OPEC countries bushels of grain for the same price that they sell barrels of oil....seems fair,as quoted above "supply and demand".

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Beneath Hell's Grip -- 10/26/07 at Pool Room

Just got off the phone a little bit ago....Noise Complaint is aboard for the show...this is gonna be a great show!!!Don't miss it...this is the "REAL" music of Lawrence!!!!

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Beneath Hell's Grip -- 10/26/07 at Pool Room

The line-up is as this for now,maybe 2 other bands jumping on later......and this is not in the play's gonna be loud,flyers should be popping up around town this week....
Let's try to make this a great show!!!!!!
Beneath Hell's Grip,Jolly Roger,Daleria,Psilenus The Band

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Do you know someone in Lawrence who is in a band?

Yeah know a couple of people being I'm a temporary manager(and stand in bass player) for one band and do mobile recording for others...Lawrence does have a diverse music scene though,some of the bands are rather eclectic but do have their own musical sense.The band I am currently working with is a hard rock band that the members are from other past bands that got together a few months ago...hopefully will break the hard rock scene out again once more in Lawrence!!!!

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What is your favorite type of beer?

Those of you who don't like the darkness of Guinness try it this way....half a glass of Guinness topped it off with root beer,sweetens it up a bit,lightens it too....we called it Diesel just a name but a really good drink!!! There are beer cocktails out there for those that are adventurous!!!

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What is your favorite type of beer?

Yeah free are the best kind HL!!!! I like to go for the stouts especially oatmeal stouts,a little sweeter and smoother....I make my own and also add a hint of licorise to mine...other favorites are IPA's,a Scottish ale with smoke and roasted grains,my summertime favorite and others who have had it is my Blueberry Wheat slight hint of blueberry on the backside but not too wheaty when you first drink it....I'm working on a Lemon Blueberry Wheat or Pilsner for next summer!!!!

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Regents told to reduce repairs

To Fletch...yes it is the residence of the Chancellor,he does live there but has a fortress of solitude somewhere else in the area....There is a full time housekeeper and family stay there also...
Yes it may be a historical building but a $1,000,000 for renovations???? Where is the justification of this kind of spediture?? It recently was professionally repainted,there may be other unseen things that need to be done....but $1,000,000 seen rather ridiculous figure,even the previous $500,00 seemed a little overboard!!!
And yes kansasdaughter Facility Operations does do some remodeling,but there are plenty of projects that are done by contractors...but who is left to clean up the mess and maintain the buildings afterwards???And yes I agree the 15th St. project was mess,but FO along with contractors got the job done and on time...
The Parking Dept. making a profit??They operate on their own funds and by state statutes cannot recieve neither taxpayer monies nor student funds.Their sole support is permit sales,paid parking at sports events and ticketing.Unfortunely the latter doesn't make them anyone's friend but they are just doing their job...A job that is also doctrined by a parking commission that passes down decisions on them on how they should operate,and by the way,there is no one in or from the parking dept on this commission!!!

So it may be relatively safe to say that they don't make a profit,however if memory serves me right the athletic department reported a profit that was several millions of dollars!!!

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Regents told to reduce repairs

Athletic facilties should be taken care by the Ath. Dept....with the only dept. that has a profit on campus(no others can have this like Facilities Operations who do almost all of the remodeling and all of the maintenance on said buildings) it is only right to be struck from the list.Let them take care of their buildings through generous alum donations and the huge profit from tickets and tv games!!! Maybe it will take away from future pay hikes and perks for the Ath. Dept. administration and coaches but that is the price to pay to get what they want....

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