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Boundary change crosses the line

East Heights, 1430 Haskell Ave., this year serves 130 half-day and full-day students in its eight classrooms. Kennedy’s enrollment for this year is 336 students, and New York, 936 N.Y., serves 135 students.

So why cant they just move east heights Kids to New York If they only have 135 students? Wouldnt that bring more money to New York and Keep Kennedy from Getting over crowded? Kennedy does seem crowded and they do have alot of special needs kids there. And if they are takin out of a teaching enviroment they already know that could make them regress! Yes I have a child who attends Kennedy and this is her last year there she doesnt have special needs but many of her friends do and she worries for them . I am sure what ever the final decission is they will way out all the pros an cons but it will be ok.

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Charges filed in vehicular assault

Misty I hope you are doing ok in the hospital! This woman also has 2 kids so she could of been killed means alot of reallity checks for her. Prayin for you and your little ones girl!

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Police find firearm, marijuana in Free State student's car

For having drugs on you or in your vehicle on any school property carries a automatic year out of school suspension. And will have to more then like have to go on a pre felony diversion . And have to attend school at the day school at Lawrence Juvenile Detension Center.

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From teenager to mother

I just happen to know Mikey. And he does except this beautiful baby boy as his own. As for not sighing the bc , well sometimes parents of the teenage new parent can be harsh. I unfortunetly went through the same at his age with my childs dads family. Mikey and Katie congrats on the baby and remember you are the parents of this baby, and no matter what you can make it! You dont have to be one of the statistics. Its hard work yes but you can do it!

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Historic home catches fire

you said it monkeywrench1969!!!!!!

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Historic home catches fire

Hey Dr.Rioran is a very respectful man people. He just had a FIRE! Give his family a break.Improper smoking materials could also be classified as using paper or other things in a fire place! Automatically you assume it was the worse of the two. I am Sorry For what you and your family are going thru at this time, But thank God nobody was HURT!

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