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K.C. area burned by Flint Hills prairie fires

The practice of burning the prairie predated the arrival of the white man and allowed the prairie to provide food for the huge buffalo herds the Plains peoples depended upon for food and other uses.

Fire is part of the prairie ecosystem. It prevents buildup of material that could produce larger fires.

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Obama Not Trustworthy on Health Care

For those unfamiliar with U.S. citizenship law through the 60's. In order for someone with only parent being a citizen to automatically be a citizen he or she had to be born in the U.S. One of the reasons for this restriction was to prevent children fathered by American servicemen overseas from automatically becoming citizens.
Having a Kenyan father meant that Barack Obama had to be born in the U.S. or its possessions.

For those who think Obama is telling the truth consider his two predecessors were liars. Clinton lied about his sex life and Bush lied about WMD in Iraq. Why should we believe Obama is any more truthful than them.

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Alternate theory

There are underwater (mud) volcanoes in the Arctic and near Antarctica. The ice shelfs that have experienced melting near Antarctica are near an underwater volcano.

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KU unplugs steam whistle to cut costs

I doubt that KU can find any less expensive way to notify the campus when classes end than the whistle. The whistle isn't doesn't just notify professors it's time for class to end. The whistle notifies students and professors outside the classrooms who are absorbed in some activity that it may be time for them to go to class. Students walking from the dorms know they may need to walk a little faster if they hear the whistle.

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Obama a step to fulfilling MLK dream

If Obama wins he will have even less experience than the 20th century's least experienced President Warren G. Harding. Obama would almost certainly fail as president because of his inexperience. Unfortunately if he leads the country into serious trouble many people will blame his color rather than his inexperience. Obama's election could set the struggle for racial equality back decades.

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Are you watching any of the Democratic National Convention?

I stopped watching the party pep rallies years ago. They were more exciting when I was in high school and college. For example, I still remember the 1960 Democratic Convention ( I was a high school freshman). Kennedy's nomination was still in doubt when the polled the Kansas delegation and Gov. George Docking and the Kansas delegation was caucusing. By the time they finished another state had pushed Kennedy over the top.

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Sebelius would reinforce Obama's 'change' message

Obama didn't change the way Washington works as a Senator and won't as president. As a freshman Senator he quickly took advantage of the graft and tried to earmark a million to his wife's employer after that employer had more than doubled her $100,000+ salary. Obama is just another hypocritical politician out to fleece the taxpayers.The vice presidency is a dead end job unless the ticket wins and the president dies. Bob Dole made the mistake of accepting the vice presidential nomination in 1976 and was blamed for the loss. Most other veep nominees haven't been as fortunate. they've ended up in oblivion. Al Gore's running mate Joe Lieberman was kicked out of the party.

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What next?

I won't be buying the book. Sounds like he is making some sensational claims to try to sell the book rather than providing a serious biography. All government statements are propaganda. Government propaganda typically contains some facts and some exaggerations. Political actors in a conflict situation often develop an exaggerated view of the opposition particularly in international conflicts. This happened in the world wars and in our own Civil War.

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Long campaign still hurting Obama

It's not the long campaign that's hurting Barack Obama. It's his own weakness as a candidate. If he cannot correct his weaknesses while running against Hillary Clinton he won't be able to correct them running against John McCain.He needs to win the nomination rather than simply get it by default because Hillary has stopped running. If he wants to win in November he needs to reach the Democrats who prefer Hillary. He has to attract those voters from Hillary or they won't support him in November.

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Emergency officer: 'It never crossed my mind to activate the tornado warning sirens'

Sounds like Douglas County needs some new personnel and policies in its Emergency Management office.I remember the 1981 tornado. I was living in one of the apartment buildings SE of 23rd and Iowa. They had to rely on spotters then because only the strongest tornadoes could be detected on radar as a hook formation. Today's radar can detect rotation before a tornado actually "drops" to the ground where it can be detected by spotters. Here in Reno County the generally flat terrain allows spotters to see funnels many miles away. the terrain in Douglas County hampers the ability of spotters to see what is happening. some tornadoes like the one that destroyed Greensburg last year occur at night when they can only be detected by chance if they are back lit by lightening or if they are low enough to blow transformers.

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