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Venus Not an Example of Greenhouse Gas Effect

The idea that heat "flows" as radiation is a variation of the long discredited theory proposed by Ben Franklin that heat involved some type of "fluid". The current view of heat energy is that heat is the kinetic energy or motion of atoms/molecules. Heat energy does not need to "flow into space" to cease being heat energy. In the atmosphere some of the kinetic energy of individual air molecules is converted into the kinetic energy of air masses. A major cause of the slowing. or cooling, of air molecules is the conversion of the kinetic energy of air molecules into potential energy by gravity as air molecules move away from the ground. Energy is also essentially "lost" through the process of entropy which represents the fact that no energy transfer or conversion is 100% efficient.

Incidentally, the correct terms for the wavelength of infrared is "near", "mid" and "far". the wavelength of IR is measured in microns (a millionth of a meter) which is a very short distance. The term "long wave" in electromagnetic radiation is more accurately applied to some radio waves.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

Had Republican Charles Evans Hughes won the 1916 presidential election. Democrats were prepared to challenge his eligibility in court on the grounds that he was not a "natural born citizen" because his father was a British subject which made Hughes a British subject as well as an American citizen because of his mother's citizenship and being born in the U.S. The
lawsuit was unnecessary because Hughes lost the election.

Richard Nixon tried to keep his Watergate tapes secret because they implicated him in Watergate, but Obama's efforts to keep his birth certificate secret made no sense because it doesn't contain any information that wasn't already known. I don't know whether Obama is just not very intelligent or has some psychological problem, but he lost 3 years by keeping a document secret that didn't need to be kept secret.

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Homosexuals in Combat - Reality Check

Yes, men are sexual predators, although some of us are less predatory than others. Many men, such as former President Bill Clinton, are very predatory. They often look for someone they can conquer sexually. You apparently have led a sheltered life. Most women learn early that there are some men who will seek to take advantage of them. Unless the military has changed since I was a soldier, some men delight in talking about their real, or I suspect in some cases imagined, sexual conquests.

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Physics Professor Emetitus Resigns From APS Over ClimateGate

The scam is that this process raises temperatures. Even if the process of absorbing and reemitting IR could affect temperature if would be insignificant because CO2 is too small a portion of the atmosphere and it interacts with too small a portion of the radiation emitted by the ground to affect the temperature of the atmosphere as a whole. The process would have to produce 2,500 times the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of the CO2 alone. Then there is the fact that most of the earth is covered by water which is a very poor radiator.

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Physics Professor Emetitus Resigns From APS Over ClimateGate

As I noted in an earlier post RealClimate is run, possibly in violation of NASA regulations, by NASA bureaucrat Gavin Schmidt.

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Tea Party Critics Don't Get It

The idea of CO2 controlling air temperature is a 180 year old belief developed by people who believed atoms were the smallest particles of matter. the idea is a variation of Ben Franklin's thesis that heat was some type of mysterious fluid instead of the kinetic energy of atoms. Global warming has been pushed by companies like Enron, which wrote the Kyoto agreement, that want to trade carbon credits along with other companies that want to discourage competition. For example, T. Boone Pickens supports it to make his investments in natural gas and wind energy more valuable.

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Supporters of the Ground Zero Mosque Don't Get It

Actually the members of al qaeda are equal opportunity murderers. They murder Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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Kansas Politicians up pressure on neighbors, trying to keep Big 12 Conference together

If the schools stay together they could turn another conference into a major conference, particularly Conference USA.

Did the Big !2 leaders who are talking about leaving the Conference play too many games without a helmet when they were younger? That's the only way it would make sense to break up one of the nation's two premier football conferences. The Big 12 has participated in more BCS championship games than any other conference. Only SEC teams have won more championships.

I can understand why the Big 10 and Pac-10 Conferences might want to break up the Big 12 considering that the Big 12 has participated in more championship games than the Big 10 and Pac-10 combined. But, why does the Big 12 want to commit suicide?

I don't know what the Big 12 secret is for its ability to get into the BCS championship, but apparently officials at many Big 12 schools don't even know how successful the conference is.

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Rally shows support for funding programs for Kansans with disabilities

Why do they believe that those of us at the bottom of the income scale , including those with disabled relatives, should have to pay higher taxes?

These groups should stop allowing themselves to be used by Taxman Mr. Parkinson and his push for higher sales taxes on the poor. If they want to demonstrate for higher taxes they should make it clear that those higher taxes should be imposed on incomes over $50,000.

They should oppose an increase in the sales tax.

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Legislators set to reconvene, solve state budget problems

Any tax increase should be imposed on those who can afford higher taxes, those making more than $50,000 a year. If they cannot afford higher taxes than how can anyone believe that those of us with lower incomes can afford higher sales taxes.

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