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Did Ukraine Air Force Cause MH17 Crash?

there are differences between the Texans and the Russians, but the relationships with the American and Russian governments are similar . The Texans moved into Mexico and decided they didn't like the way the area was being governed. The Russians had lived in the same area for generations while the region was under Russian/Soviet control. The Russians revolted after ultranationalist mobs overthrew the Russia oriented president and acted like they might act against the Russians in Ukraine.

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Dear Mr. Romney, Everyone Pays Federal Taxes

types of extravagant federal programs: billion dollar solar panel plant in California
various local projects such as the bridge to nowhere in Alaska
overpriced military tools and toilets

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Democrats Don't Care About Women or Minorities

Autopsy results:

* She was a healthy woman who was approximately 16 weeks pregnant at the time of her abortion, well into the second trimester.
* She suffered from an incomplete abortion. The Medical Examiner discovered pieces of placenta still attached to the inside of her womb even after a second abortion done by the hospital to remove fetal remains left by Planned Parenthood.
* She suffered a 3/16 inch uterine perforation near forcep impression marks. D&E abortions involve dismembering the baby in the womb and removing the pieces with forceps.
* She suffered an “extensive” perforation of her broad uterine ligament with a possible severing of her left uterine artery as a result of her abortion. This accounted for the internal bleeding that was discovered only too late by the hospital trauma team.
* There were 1-1.5 liters of blood and clots inside her abdominal cavity. The human body holds roughly five liters of blood. Reaves bled about 30 percent of her total volume of blood into her abdomen, and that does not account for the amount of blood lost through what was likely substantial vaginal bleeding due to the retained fetal remains.
* In a vain attempt to save her life, the hospital trauma team performed an emergency hysterectomy on Reaves.

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Same Sex "Marriage" Is Biologically Impossible

The process associated with Marriage is more than a simple role in the hay. Marriage is a relationship that in an earlier day provided for the division of labor necessary for raising a family. When cooking and cleaning were time consuming processes the mother needed the father to go out into the world to provide for the acquisition of goods and services the two of them could not provide for themselves.

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Same Sex "Marriage" Is Biologically Impossible

Animal species use various different processes to encourage production of new members.

Some species like bald eagles mate for life. Humans call this option marriage even though human unions don't always last for life, particularly in modern day America.

Other species like dogs engage in what humans would consider "free love". Males will have sex with whatever females are receptive to sex at the time.

A third basic option involves herd behavior with individual males having exclusive access to a group of females. Humans who pursue this option often call the group of females a "harem".

I realize you police state types think government creates everything and possibly is a substitute for a god. Governments often attempt to control human reproduction by regulating sexual behavior. Some prohibit all approaches to reproduction other than marriage and may kill those who engage in sex with someone other than their marriage partner.

Marriage developed as part of human reproduction. If government wants to call other types of unions "marriages'" than it must eliminate any special benefits that it provides to marriage partners because such action violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. It cannot arbitrarily provide benefits to married persons unless there is some social benefit associated with such unions.

I realize that those transsexuals who consider themselves homosexuals believe that if they call a relationship a "marriage" it will make them like heterosexuals. But it won't. If they want to feel normal they will have to follow the example of Chaz Bono and get corrective surgery to make their body type the same sex as their brains.

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Same Sex "Marriage" Is Biologically Impossible

Yes they are but most aren't as smart as Chaz Bono who after many years thinking she was a lesbian recognized she was a man in a woman's body and got corrective surgery. A growing body of evidence indicates that those people who call themselves homosexuals have a brain of one sex and the anatomy of the other which is the definition of transsexual.

A woman's brain is attracted to men even if that brain is in a male body.

This condition is something that cannot be changed except with surgery to make the body consistent with the brain.

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Same Sex "Marriage" Is Biologically Impossible

The law is an artificial environment. The biological process called marriage existed long before the American legal system. American law has often been incredibly stupid. For example, in the Dred Scott case the U.S. Supreme Court decided that slaves were not persons.
Based on your comment I would guess you believe that a father should be able to marry his daughter or a sister be able to marry her brother.

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The Real Sin of Sodom

Very good point. the situation works both ways. Women's groups should have sided with Terri Schiavo when her unfaithful husband wanted the courts to allow her to be starved to death. Michael Shiavo had fathered two children by another woman and shouldn't have been allowed to decide her fate. His attorney was essentially arguing that a woman becomes her husband property when she marries and thus he has sole authority to decide her fate even if he violates the marriage contract.

Instead women's groups sided with Michael because "right to life" groups supported Terri.

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The Real Sin of Sodom

Actually it dates from the Law of Moses. Technically Israel didn't really have a government initially. However, the Law of Moses required assistance to the poor, in large part by saying the farmers shouldn't try to thoroughly harvest their crops. Instead they should leave something in the fields for the poor to harvest.

Rome's government used "bread and circuses" to provide for the poor although it was more because of concerns about the large numbers of people drawn into the city causing trouble.

Prior to that Egypt in the time of Joseph had assisted those having trouble finding food because of a prolonged drought.

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Is Physicist Stephen Hawking Overrated?

I suspect that many of those who call themselves climatologists are people who failed at predicting the weather and didn't want to have to learn a new field. Other than those who predict hurricane season, no one remembers if a climatologist is wrong, but they do remember if it rains on what is supposed to be a sunny day.

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