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City commissioners withhold information about process for selecting new mayor; more info on pending movie theater upgrades

Well, if we are being specific; it does not sound like he was asking who the next mayor would be, he was asking what your recommendation would be on "how to choose" the next mayor. That would be entirely different than a memo stating who will be the next mayor. Also, just because you don't believe that it has done before does not mean that you could not state your opinion prior to the meeting.

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Menards announces opening day for new Lawrence store will be Tuesday

I for one am excited to have a new competitor in this area of the market. Home Depot is often out of stock on many of the items that I have needed in the past. Also, as much as I would like to support local businesses, Menards carries a building supplies selection that is simply not available anywhere else in Lawrence.

Also, I don't think of politics when I'm getting wood., but some of you get wood whenever the opportunity to talk politics comes up. Just relax would ya?

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What is your biggest question about Obamacare?

I love that quoting Wikipedia and blogs counts as backing up your statements. I'm not saying that the links did/didn't have great information, but using Wikipedia and blogs as a reference doesn't really make what you said true.

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How do you start the new year fresh?

Maybe the LJWorld could start the new year by remembering where they ask their questions. I'm 100% certain that these pictures were taken at the Clinton Pkwy. Hy-Vee and not at Mass St. Dillons.

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Planet Withey: KU center moves up blocks list as Jayhawks rout Richmond

Yeoman doesn't make right wing rants, they're usually left wing rants, but crazy rants nonetheless.

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Planet Withey: KU center moves up blocks list as Jayhawks rout Richmond

You're just looking for something to complain about. Nothing in the title "Extermination" even slightly references the tragedy in CT.

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Severe weather could be coming this weekend

Your interactive weather map blocks the text at the end of the article...
EDIT: Apparently not every time the page loads though

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City approves purchasing trash carts, cheaper rate

I believe fleeba was asking why they should have to use a new cart that the city provides, when they already have one that is compatible with the mechanical arms that will "save the backs of the workers". Wouldn't it save the city money if we already have these carts? And what do we do with the carts when we are not going to be allowed to use them?

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Town Talk: Signs point to August opening for Mass. St. Dillons; Zarco becomes first in country to sell new E15 ethanol gasoline; city delegation headed to Greece

Where did the LJWorld get the information that says Zarco is the first in the country to sell the E-15 gasoline?! I distinctly remember an gas station on NW Expressway in Oklahoma City selling it in April. But hey, if it's on the internet it must be true right?

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KU drops to No. 47 in college rankings

Actually, if there were 3 schools tied for 1st, then the next school would be 4th. There are 46 schools ranked ahead of KU, hence our ranking of 47th. I hope you didn't go to KU to polish your mathematical skills, as this might explain our drop in the rankings...

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