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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

Thats not what i ment by that. They are using the numbers based on who recieves free or reduced lunches to determine which schools should get the full day K. I was not implying anything more then that. We live in a college neighbor hood in west lawrence so i for sure am not one to talk about snobbery. I ment only that the school districts ideas of who should get full day K is insane, just because their parents quilfy for free or reduced lunches does not mean their children are at risk any more then mine at getting a good start to school.

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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

Having half day for only half the schools in lawrence is stressfull for us parents who live in half day school zones but our children have the actual need to be in full day and can not recieve this option cause of where we live. Unless we transfer, which creates other problems. for example you dont find out till almost the first day of school if your transfer was approved, for my special needs child this is a problem she had already met with the "team" and got to know them at her home school so all are aware of each other. if she was transfered it would have been all new and the "team" would not have gotten a heads up. Which is never good, everyone should have plenty of notice when dealing with special needs children. We feel all day K should definatly be an option everywhere. I agree though we shouldnt have to pay extra until they district stops paying for extra activities like basketball and football, make them do bigger and better fund raisers.
For the side of the other parents who dont feel that their child is ready for all day, it should be your right to only have your child go half day, However all day should always be offered through out the district not just "at risk schools" . Just because i live in a nice neighbor hood and can afford to feed my children does not mean the district should take away my childs right have to the best education possible.

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Review: Annie

How much are tickets?

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Three friends make tradition out of adopting families for Christmas; 400 still on list

Great job ladies!! For years now i have always taking my girls to the angel trees and pick out a couple of kids. I have always done the shopping and the girls just tagged along. How surprised was i this year when my oldest( 5) walked into the dollar general and seen the tree and asked what it was, then her eyes lit up and asked if we could buy one of them some gifts. She and her lil sis picked out some great gifts for a 2 year old! Holidays start with giving!!

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November 1st is National Author's Day - Who is your favorite author?

The Body Farm, by Patricia Cornwell one of my favorites.
The Giver, By Lois Lowry wonderful wonderful book.
I also am a fan of love stories so Nicolas Sparks is great to.
I also love How do dinosaurs say goodnight? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague super cute story my kids love.

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How do you get your kids ready for the back-to-school routine?

"practicing the showers" ? so if your just practicing, when do you know you have had enough practice and can really do it?

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Free Bear Naked Granola, Organic Lollipops, Pineapple and More

If your into coke products hy-vee has 12 packs for $1.99 for 4 days!

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The longest day: Residents make the most of solstice sunshine

how do i get a hold of her for lessons for my kids?

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Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream

This will make for a perfect snack on our afternoon walk past cvs!! Thanks so much!

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K.C. driver injured after running car into Lawrence apartment building

Actually in Kansas if you are seizure free(controlled) for 6 months you can legally obtain your license. Also if you are controlled for that long there is no way of knowing if you will ever have another one. It was just a fluke and i am glad no one was hurt. Hopefully he gets checked out and gets back to living a seizure controlled life. (its not so easy to obtain a seizure free life!)

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