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Driver and pedestrian identified in crosswalk accident at 11th and New Hampshire

My middle daughter almost got hit twice today. While riding her bike legally on the sidewalk at a cross walk that had the walk sign for her. Cars turning right decided they didnt want to wait after she was half way thru the walk. Good thing we have drilled into her that she needs to be cautious of the cars turning while she rides. Accident averted barely.

I hope this young girl heals well and gets home soon.

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Sound Off: I am a Lawrence property owner, resident and taxpayer. Why are city residents like myself

Actually he is a resident of Lawrence. :) he owns a nice little place and works at a nice place in Lawrence.

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Sick and tired of the waiting game

Yeah, such a baited article! Why couldn't you pick someone with real disabilities.

Did you know there is a six year wait for your child to receive help if he or she has autism and that is only if they qualify. My daughter is disabled(not autism just so you know) and its sad we cant get her any help till shes like 15 (she is 7 now) with all the waiting lists. If we could get her help now maybe she wont end up living off the state. But no all these poor children are not getting services they desperately need. Not only is are there waiting list but there is no clear place to start looking for help. Every place i have talked to has told me to "try somewhere else, we don't handle that."


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The hits keep on coming at Demolition Derby

Anyone know how much the family ride bracelets are for this afternoon? I would love to take the kids but want to know the price before we head out the door. Dont want to get their hopes up about rides just to get there and they are too expensive.

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Fair aims to broaden children's interests

SOOO what Saturday? next saturday? two saturdays from now? yesterday? How hard is it to put the date in the article? This is not the first time i have come across something fun for my family to do and the journal world has failed to list a date. Not that i cant just look it up but it would be nice not to have to scour the net for a date of something you have written about and should have the information listed!

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Daisy Hill to host trick-or-treaters

So which Sunday this one the 23 or 30?

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Two people transported after injury accident near McDonald's on 23rd Street

Stupid people! Almost as stupid as the two women i saw Thursday morning driving down 23rd street in a ford ranger regular cab with two children in cab with them. no seat belts, no car seats and one was on the lap of the passenger.

These people were truly lucky all the six year old got was facial lacerations. Booster seats and back seat for kids. Please Please PLEASE!

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Bike helmets to be given out before game

Ok this article was posted on the 20th but it just says Saturday. so was it last Saturday or this Saturday the 30th?

I had to look up the KU schedule. Thanks for being informative.

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Advocates for those with disabilities rally for funding

My child will be one of those many many people added in the next year to this long list. I was told its a five year waiting list for services that my 6 year old could benefit from now. Services for children with disabilities are expensive, with out help my 6 year old probably wont receive all the services she needs just because we cannot afford to get them to her out of pocket.

Thank you to all who rally together to help those that need it most.

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Wind chill advisory expires; Temperatures frigid through Friday

Classclown 10:10 a.m. update

An update just released from the city says that all roads in Lawrence, including residential roads, have been treated with sand and/or salt.


Apparently Lawrence no longer considers my street to be part of the city. Was there a major de-annex that I'm not aware of? No salt/sand truck has come by.

Must of been cause our street has not been touched either by salt/sand trucks.

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