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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

Maybe the same age kids start playing tennis... Asking one group of people to pay for lights dictates that every group should have to pay for things they use.. pools, roads, bike lanes, tennis courts, and that's ridiculous!

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

What? A cyclist using a sidewalk? I'm sorry this rider was hurt but glad he was on the the sidewalk versus on 6th street! To immediately blame the driver here is completely irresponsible and a typical knee jerk reaction to an accident. Wait tell facts come out.

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Letter: Not so bad

Not my fault you fail understand that Lawrence is falling. 117 in the state is schools, jobs that require degrees are few and far between, the city keeps turning down national business interest from moving into town, and other cities are blowing Lawrence by. Blame the state, blame the feds but other towns line Manhattan are growing at an alarming rate by bringing in jobs and building new homes. which article? The one about Iowa, kentucky, Denmark? Google it yourself and provide a link to the article explaining how Lawrence dropping in schools, turning down businesses from.coming into town, but growing in population is so great for Lawrence! Seems to be working out really well right now huh.

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Letter: Not so bad

That's where a lot of money goes! More restaurants, more things to do, and if Lawrence would wake up that money could stay local... Lawrence school district has dropped to 117 in the state! Your right, keep it small. It's working out really well!

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Letter: Not so bad

Just seems that anytime there is talk of growth it fails and again all of that money leaves Lawrence. Taxes keep increasing and money keeps leaving! Lawrence is not a bad place to live, it just needs to grow with the population.

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Letter: Not so bad

Being forced to move to Lawrence and looking at the facts provided by the city it looks great on paper! However, facts are that jobs in educated fields are scarce, entertainment is lacking, and the reluctance to grow is embarrassing. It's great all of these people moved to lawrence! What is Lawrence doing to keep people in Lawrence, keep money in Lawrence, attract more people to Lawrence? Nothing! People complain about state and federal govt,.and ignore the corruption of local leaders. All of your population growth will stop if the city refuses to grow.

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Letter: Not so bad

and yet just on this thread you have two fairly new residents and two rankings showing how far lawrence is behind... at some point you have to accept that Lawrence needs new leadership, and has to grow to accommodate the growth in population. Transferring to Lawrence was hard. Made harder by a lack of quality jobs for family, lack of entertainment options, lack of restaurants, and this weird obsession with staying as small as possible. In three years there has been very little if any economic growth in Lawrence.

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

Can we charge cyclists for the bike lanes they demand? The lights are timed and can be turned off at a reasonable time. If the massive baseball lights don't cause an issue I don't see how a few tennis lights will ruin someone's night!

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Letter: Not so bad

Well, Lawrence being ranked near the bottom in economic growth pretty much blows that theory out of the water. Slow growth has accomplished an embarrassing ranking in two different studies.

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Letter: Not so bad

Living here for a few years I have to agree with these stats. Lawrence is far behind most cities of its size is many areas. I keep seeing comments about "buy local", "keep national chains out", and the complaining anytime something gets built (granted, anything built seems to go to the same few pockets) in this town. Corruption and the "good ol'boy" system of city govt. is killing this city. Invite national chains into town! Create jobs, more tax revenue, and the city can grow the way it should. Get the bypass built already. Having to drive through town and not being able to stop anywhere because turning left on 23 with no light is near impossible during the day has to end. Last but not least, how in the world can this town have 3 taco freaking johns and not let other national chains in? Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Hardees, Chucky Cheese, White Castle (my vote), even a Golden Coral, Lowes, Old Navy back, entertainment district other than Mass, new theater,and 2 miles of river banks (not saying all of it) currently covered in trash that could be used to build a few if these needed upgrades to Lawrence. Stopping Menards just cost Lawrence more jobs! I understand the desire to stay small however, it is killing this town.

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