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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

I don't see another source of local/national news in Lawrence do you? I don't see a source that shows two sides to anything. I know its not popular to speak out against a source however a news source that serves a city of this size needs to open up its views and opinions... All I'm saying.

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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

Under Bush at the peak of the wars spending was outrageous. My issue with spending is that people are losing pay checks now and spending is again on the rise. Why traffic controllers, why the IRS... Tax season, family travel season, etc... No one wants to talk about that story. Nope, this 1.2 million to defend an insane abortion law that we can't do anything about is more important. Just funny that the LJWorld refuses to cover anything that might be viewed as negative towards one side. That was my only point, not taking sides on spending just sayijg that it is news worthy.

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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

The point is that this source only shows one side and only one side is represented by the biased reporting done by this source. If you watch cnn then fox you can find the facts somewhere in the middle... People in Lawrence are only exposed to state issues by one biased side.

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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

If you like it or not laws have to defended. Arguing the law at this point gets you nothing. Not a fan of the abortion bill but it is a law. What amazes me is the lack of coverage by the LJWorld on federal spending for the last 5 years, I mean it has broken records! I know its not liberal friendly to report 100,000 people on furlough because of federal spending but it is more news worthy than 1.2 million needed to defend laws in Kansas. It would be nice to have a news source in Lawrence that showed both sides versus only liberal friendly articles all the time. Apparently it is impossible to find a news source in Lawrence that isn't only catering to local one side bashing political news. It is comical how blind the LJWorld is.

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Most schools already have officers in the school... Let's control some of this government spending and there's your money... SRO are paid for by the city budget for the police department, and I am certain people in Lawrence woukd have no issue paying a few extra dollars a year to help pay the extra cost involved...

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Human trafficking measure now law

"unnecessary" wow... Liberals have been spending more than ever before for the last 5 years and you call this unnecessary? Let's review what is unnecessary. 86,000 employees from the IRS on furlough, airports gridlocked, govt. spending more than ever then asking the 1% to pay for it all, a healthcare bill that will ultimately fail because some small businesses can't afford it, and me spending any more time explaining to you what is unnecessary when this doesn't cost you a penny. Give me a break!

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Every school should have an armed gaurd/SRO anytime kids are in the building. Not a fan of guns being in every classroom however, someone at the school should be armed. The officer or gaurd can keep the gun hidden or wear plain clothes as to not scare the kids but we live in a new time where people will do anything and it can happen anywhere.

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Kobach testifies against immigration bill before U.S. Senate committee

It is harder for a heart surgeon from France (who can directly benefit this country), than it is for someone from a war torn country that has anti-american views to get into this country. That's a problem... Unemployment is back on the rise, people are allowed to accept benefits for 99weeks (INSANITY), a budget crisis, people being let go everyday (civilian/govt), and somehow some people still say "open the border". Absolutely crazy!

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Planning commission votes to defer decision on Menards for one month

Lawrence unfriendly to new business, no.... Unless it has Compton or Fritzel involved its not getting built in Lawrence

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Letter: NRA sway?

Again please use your own source CBS and see that only 47% of Americans agree with gun regulation and that after the shootings it was only 54%...

Yes the liberal answer is background checks and ban weapons... How exactly does that stop crime? It does nothing to get guns out of criminals hands but you dont care about that because some of the idiots pushing for this dont know the difference between semi-auto and auto, think mags are the issue, and want to grand stand with children behind you and all along never passing anything to help get these guns off the streets... Why wont Obama work with law enforcement to do this? Everything he has planned does nothing to stop crime now... Background check all you want!! Have a parade and celebrate!! You did nothing to stop the real problem of disarming felons... I know hating the nra and republicans is fun but at some point you have to attack the real problem... Not one thing (background checks, banning "assault wepons", smaller mags) these idiots are pushing will stop the next mass shooting... Hold gun owners who's weapons end up in criminals hands more responsible, force trigger locks be sold with each gun purchased, punish gun crimes like you care instead of letting them out so fast, help law enforcement, and yet none of this was mentioned... Background checks, banning some guns, and smaller mags is all you want to focus on... As a gun owner I have trigger locks, and would have no problem paying a couple cents to help police and the govt catch, punish, and sentence individuals who should not have guns...

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