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Kansas officials report fewer earthquakes, but can't yet say why

The Oklahoma Geological Survey blames the oil industry for earthquakes, Kansas still has its head up its butt: http://www.rawstory.com/2015/04/oklah...

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Editorial: Less shaky

The cause and effect relationship is pretty clear. Legislators and regulators can stick their heads in the sand as long as the Koch brothers tell them to, but that doesn't change the facts. You can drag a pencil across a piece of paper, and can reasonably conclude that the pencil caused the mark. Same thing.

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Burning the Baker Wetlands

Hawks are conditioned to gather to scout for rodents escaping the flames. Out of the fire, into the claws! Fire is the best way to kill trees, the worst form of weeds.

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Rural neighbors, tree farm clash over noise, traffic

It sounds like the tree farm has evolved into an industrial/commercial operation from an agricultural use. I believe it'd be grounds for a zoning violation. The tree farm is creating conditions that are not normally associated with farming.

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Bad weather forecast prompts cancellation of KU's Big Event

Ever since I came to KU and Lawrence in 1967, I learned that it almost always rained the weekend of the KU Relays. not every time, but often enough to plan on it. Well, we need the rain.

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Kansas Supreme Court to consider marijuana ballot dispute

When people try to change a law they don't agree with, the government stops them. Who rules here, the people or the bureaucracy? We're taught "if you don't like a law, change it". Catch 22! I guess we're supposed to remodel the whole governmental organization!

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New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

Screw the poor, gotta pay for those tax cuts for the rich. You're a criminal, Brownback!

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‘When the Tarahumara Indians Ran’: Ultra-marathon fueled excitement in early days of Kansas Relays

Speaking of a golf driving contest, there used to be a golf course on the area around Potter Lake. Contours of the tee boxes and greens are still able to be detected, especially up on the hill crest west of the lake .

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Cat struck by arrow at Lawrence mobile home dies; police investigating

Under the trailer is a favorite place for cats to take a crap.

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Rural residents may have little recourse for gun noise

The shooters will get tired if it before long. Especially that now they've been headlined.

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