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Humane Society says leg of dog attacked with shotgun may not need amputation after all

Amen about Dr. Lewis. Great news about Hope! I bet the shooter was the owner, and she managed to escape. He'll be hiding his face and feeling guilty for a long time.

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Curb check: A look at what Lawrence leaves behind during moving season

This was always a bonanza for my mother (RIP). We called it "trash tradin'."

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Fix-It Chick: How to evict bats from your home

I've used a strobe light to exclude raccoons and squirrels and I'm sure it'd work for bats, too. It's silent, non-toxic, harmless, and effective.

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Garden Variety: Respect your elderberries

Elderberries are very similar in appearance to pokeberries (Pokeweed; Phytolacca americana), which are inedible and can make you sick. Be sure to check the plant identification before eating either. I won't try to explain the difference here, but you can Google elderberry vs pokeberry and get some pictures and information. Good luck!

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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

That same truck with the "Affordable Painting" logo on it passed me last year on the way home to Vinland, driving crazy. I figured something like this would happen eventually. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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State reviewing safety measures for Kansas National Guard facilities in response to Chattanooga shootings

Jjust what we need: two itchy-fingered redneck civilians with assault rifles in a shopping center sidewalk! What could possibly go wrong? Police or trained security, maybe. Untrained or unsupervised civilians, definitely not.

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Solar energy advocates plan rally at hearing for Westar rate increase

So this is how the energy companies handle competition from renewable sources? Change the rules? WTF?

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Fix-It Chick: Choose the right spark plug

Smaller numbers on plugs do indicate a hotter heat range for NGK plugs and some others, but some brands are just the opposite. You can compare to an NKG crossover chart to determine, but it's best to just stick with the manufacturer's recommendations before changing the heat range of a plug. BTW, hotter plugs erode MORE and DON'T last longer.

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What's the weirdest pest you've ever had in your home?

Packrats! T hey're the worst, and can be really destructive.

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