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Waffle restaurant to open in East Lawrence; new plans filed for bistro/bar near Poehler Lofts; a goodbye to The Pool Room

Good luck to the Waffle Iron, it's a good idea. But myself, I'd like to see a 24-hour Waffle House. They're all over the South

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Defense wins right to psychological report at trial in slaying of CiCi's Pizza owner

Jail or a hospital, just make sure she's locked up for a long, LONG, time

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Kansas geologist says fracking not the cause of earthquakes

The KGS is supported by and exists for the oil and drilling industries, so, of course, they had to deny a correlation between fracking and earthquakes. It's just a matter of semantics. CYA!

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KU researchers discover new lizard species for sale on Manila's black market

“People do all sorts of crazy things,” he said.Yeah, and now I'm going to kill this one so I can study it!

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Boys & Girls Club looking at building teen center near Lawrence schools' College and Career Center

2900 Haskell is a piss-poor location for either center, the opposite end of town from everything.

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KU law student files for seat on Lawrence City Commission

At last, a voice of reason about Rock Chalk Park and the defeated tax for the new Law Enforcement Center!

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Editorial: Liquor sales

" All boils down to how much money the grocery store lobby is pumping into the Republican-led legislature" This is true. The liquor store owners are whining about losing their unfair monopoly that they've enjoyed for decades, rather than being grateful for the profits they've enjoyed. I suggest they lobby to be able to sell convenience store items, rather than selling their licenses.

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Earthquakes strike in southern Kansas again

It's obvious that Rep. Sloan is in the Koch brothers' pocket. Corporations first! People second!

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