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White supremacist identified as suspect in fatal shootings at Jewish center, retirement complex

"Douglass said the suspect made several statements to police". So much for "A county jail official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the case". Hey Maria Sudekum, whatever happened to journalistic integrity?

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Brownback signs law giving employers flexibility on employee hours

Another tactic to steal workers' wages by shifting the cost to taxpayers. Making costs public expenses while privatizing profits. Brownback thinks he's pretty slick.

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KDOT interested in expanding western leg of SLT to four lanes; update on Ninth and N.H. and possible downtown drug store

Duh! Whose criminal negligence is responsible for it not being built 4-lane to start with? As already proven, it's a death trap as it is.

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House rejects measure to repeal state renewable energy standards

There's something fishy here. Apparently, there is some big money in renewable energy. Stick around to see who gets screwed.

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Kansas lawmakers pass bill to name state fossils

I'm glad to see the Legislature doing something important and productive. Now they can get back to restricting voting rights and gay-bashing.

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

What a despicable human being. His behavior exhibits the classic hallmarks of being a closet queen, which would explain his self-hatred and over-the-top rhetoric. I hope he didn't die thinking that he would be welcomed in Heaven.

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Moody's calls school finance ruling a 'credit negative' for Kansas

"state finances that are already stressed by revenue losses from income tax cuts" We can lay this problem directly at Sam Brownback's feet. he should have been impeached a long time ago, but hard to do with a rubber stamp Republican legislature.

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Letter: Identifying star?

What if someone claims his religion believes that white-skinned brown-haired people were the spawn of the devil. He'd be within his rights to discriminate against almost anyone.

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Editorial: Lecompton focus

How do Lecompton's residents feel about the town's pro-slavery past?

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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

Yeah!! Beat them. While you're at it, force the bible down their throats! We're actually paying these legislators?

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