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Lawrence residents cite concerns with river trail project; City Commission asked to offer direction

A valid concern. Ask the farmers in the Eudora bottoms of they know anything about this. I know enough about river geomorphology to know that a river is always going to erode on the outside of a bend. There is nothing to stop it short of straightening the channel.

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Kansas inks efficiency study for $2.6M, rejecting lowest bid

I see! The purpose is to cut social expenditures (Medicaid, etc.). The GOP at work again.

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Attorneys seek pay raise for indigent defense work; situation could reach 'crisis' level in Douglas County

Conditions of probation always specify paying back the expenses of a court-appointed attorney. Don't pay it back, and you're never off probation. Catch-22!

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Southern Kansas man catches mountain lion on camera

Great! Now there'll be a bunch of rednecks with guns out there looking to kill it! And they'll know just where to look.

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South Lawrence Trafficway changes could nix Clinton Parkway interchange

Something definitely needs to be done about the curve on K-10 at Clinton Parkway. The curve is either decreasing radius or a wrong camber for the curve. It must have been engineered wrong because I feel out of control every time I go south and east on K-10, even at reduced speed.

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Lawrence All British Car Club car show at Legends

Although they're one of my favorites, surely there were more cars than two Austin-Healey 3000's at this show. I would've liked to see more pictures, especially the Jaguar XK-140.

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The Baker Wetlands Discovery Center, 1365 North 1250 Road, will host open houses Oct. 3 and 4 before

That bobcat looks familiar. Did it used to be somewhere else? Or maybe copied from?

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Kansas' water conservation program draws shallow interest

Voluntary conservation isn't working! Got any other bright ideas, Brownback?!

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Just Food board alleges Farmer overpaid himself by more than $52,000; criminal charges being pursued

There's a special place in hell for scumbuckets who rip off charities to enrich themselves. I hope Farmer gets what he deserves here on earth!

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Pooch Plunge 2015

Great shots! Especially Buck on the hydrant!

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