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Brownback signs bill allowing concealed carry without permit, claims economic successes

Hell just go back and read some of the posting that some have said and you will see some examples.

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Kansas lawmakers resume battle over immigrant tuition

Greg you make a very valid point, I just think this entire discussion of giving those here illegally the same benefits of those here legally just boggles me.

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Kansas lawmakers resume battle over immigrant tuition

Rex- If you believe illegals should get instate tuition and other benefits given to legal citizens, then you Sir are an idiot.

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Letter: While Kansas burns …

If you go to any of the two big Universities, you will see both have multimillion dollar projects going on. I am not thinking any of them are hurting for funds, what I do see is their lack of ability to properly use the funds they have.

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Letter: Failed state?

"As a member of the KU faculty for 48 years" Well that explains your mis guided rant.

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Opinion: Method to Islamic State’s madness?

Ken, I disagree with your assessment you may not like Krauthammer. I believe he wrote a well thought out opinion that should be looked at. How I see things is that the status-quot isn't working. We should also question the passive response that comes from the muslim community and this adminstration.

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Letter: One less worry

One of O's navigators, sales pitch didn't work. Maybe after a few more years of life experience things will clear up for you.

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Letter: Cost of freedom

"said the pot to the kettle" Taran you never fail to amaze me with your posting,

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Letter: Medicaid need

Ms. Johnston, May I subject you do a little reading and look at the strings that are attached to expansion. The end cost out weights the pittance we would get from the Feds.

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Letter: ACA coverage

Ms. Patton your comment "As a proponent of social justice" is where you lost me. I am guessing you are working as one of the ACA navigators. I only hope your not one of the ones who aren't able to pass a background check.

Mr. King
I am curious who you used to use for insurance, your price difference and pre-existing conditions doesn't add up. As of the passing of the ACA no company has been allowed to denie due to pre-existing conditions.

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