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Same-sex couples take birth certificate cases to federal court

Those of you here that agree with this law suit are extremely ignorant and are the problem with today's world. How anyone can argue that listing two females or two males as the biological parents of on child, apparently doesn't understand basic biology.

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Letter: Noise control

Fred, I have to admit most of the time I don't agree with a lot of your posts but you are spot on with this one.

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Should government offices be allowed to hold religious meetings, such as bible studies, for their employees?

Richard what law is being broken or is that just your opinion?

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Kansas regulator endorses Westar's $78M hike

Question, How many on the KCC just got themselves a little stash away money.

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County commissioners to consider partnership with Jefferson County to straighten landfill access road

If you stay on top of the road when conditions dictate it, there would be a reason to redo. I have run that road both in a commercial truck and a person vehicle, the way it is makes people slow down on their approach to 24 hwy access.

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What would you say Lawrence is the capital of?

Wes pretty much nailed it.

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July survey suggests economic slowdown ahead for Midwest

So it's his fault for the poor numbers for the other 8 states too? Comments here are so predictable.

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Letter: Egg alternatives

Eating more processed foods isn't the answer.

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In wake of ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, Brownback issues executive order on 'religious freedom'

Greg- The cartoon covered those like you to a T, oh and you may want to reread the constitution quote that you sited. Once you have please explain how that quote even pertains to this discussion because it doesn't. Nice try thou

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In wake of ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, Brownback issues executive order on 'religious freedom'

David- Let me see if I can explain it in a way you can comprehend this time. First, the Federal Government if not spelled out in the Constitution they have no authority it becomes a states issue to resolve. Second Do I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, yes but having said that I also don't believe I should get the states permission. If my explanation isn't clear enough for you to understand, well then I can't help you. Have a nice day.

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