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Kansas universities lack firm plan for concealed guns on campus, making some anxious

Fred, Sad that you and others are waiting or hoping for something like that to happen. I am also amazed on how, a group that portray themselves as critical thinkers seem to do little of it.

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Letter: School attack

I for one believe that every school district needs to undergo a forensic audit of their books not spread sheet viewing but down to the last penny accounting. I also the state of Kansas have 105 counties but for some reason we have over 300 school districts. How much money would be saved if we had one district per county, not closing schools just the administrative buildings that would no longer be needed.

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Letter: Earning trust

Great letter to the editor, I have been saying we should have term limits for years. Let's get back to we the people going to Washington to serve for a short period of time, then go back to our real job.

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Letter: Environmental eating

"Lindeman, I have solar on my house and it costs me less to pay for it than what my electric bills used to be before adding it. What is that about the costs coming down? I spend less with solar than without, that is cost down." I am talking about the cost of the equipment, the set up of theses systems are just to pricey. I don't see them paying for themselves quickly enough to justify the amount one would have to shell out.

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Letter: Environmental eating

I like having more solar and wind power especially when and if the costs come down, but I am glad I was already wearing my boots. Now the first part of what was wrote, WOW that was one big pile of, well you get the idea.

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Letter: Climate change

Climate change when I was growing up was called the four seasons. So enough already, those of you who believe that the human population is powerful enough to control what happens to this planet. Well then you just may have some deeper issues you probably should address first.

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Letter: Sad time

'Start holding the fathers responsible' I fully agree with you there.

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Letter: Feel safer?

Laura- Your post has to be the silliest and absurd statement that I have read on here in quite sometime.

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Letter: Sad time

So what I take away from your article is, there shouldn't be any restrictions on what those who are on "snap'? I absolutely have no problem giving those who need a 'hand up' a 'hand up', but there should be restrictions on said 'hand up'. When we went to using a electronic card in place of traditional food stamps we opened the door for a wider range of abuses of those benefits.

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Brownback signs bill allowing concealed carry without permit, claims economic successes

Lane- If you go thru and read what many that post here say to those who aren't liberal. So as usual it isn't really about what is right or wrong, it is all about "our" side winning. That is what's wrong with the whole process.

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