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Lawrence Police make quick work of carjacking investigation

Just before this incident, there were several cars broken into on my street. I know they got one of them but there were at least one that they hadn't get.

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Should the federal government require healthier school lunches?

Anyone that agrees with the government mandating school meals, well most know the answer.

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Gas prices fall more than 40 cents since November; Lawrence fuel prices lower than state average

Not diesel prices, turnpike and some small cities south are a lot cheaper. Topeka has a 30 cent swing depending what part of town you are in.

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Letter: Humble opinion

'They are very black and white in their thinking' = Understanding the difference between right and wrong.

Your welcome Mrs. Reed
Glad I was able to assist you.

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

Dorothy- Yes those are problems in any community, your attempt to derail the true issue doesn't fly with me. Communities that have drug problems is a problem that crosses all ethnic lines. What you seem to fail to accept is the facts of what happened and only see what you choose to see. My issue with this particular issue is we now know the facts but someone with your mindset doesn't care and chooses to hitch your cause to a thug that brought his demise onto himself. Commonsense would tell most that if you want to address and fix the wrongs, don't hitch your cause to this person. By your automatic assumption that I'm white because I'm disagreeing with the current outcry, if anyone here is a racist here it would be you. Shame on you.

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Letter: Not affordable

Dorothy- Yes and No, if you are someone who has inherited money it does come at a cost not the least the death of a loved. We won't get started on all the legal/tax hurdles that comes attached.

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Letter: Not affordable

said the pot to the kettle.

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Liberty Memorial Central student disciplined for bringing pocket knife to school

I believe around 1981 or so when it all started to change in 1980 they were still hanging in the back window..

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

Wow Leslie I went back and reread my post and no where did I see anything there that you accused me of posting. Most times I don't get offended by responses made by some here, but yours is just so over the top that I do take offense. This is the problem in today's world, people read something and tell themselves it really meant something else. Have you not been on this spinning ball long enough to understand that "make believe" is just that "make believe"? Either way your post goes a long way in describing just how your mind see's things and works.

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Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

Until the of the black community as a whole gets their house in order. So many choose to finger point before looking within for the solutions. As none of this have a cured yet, anymore discussion on the subject is just a of waste of time As hard as one may try, until the core issues are addressed I just don't see positive changes happening.

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