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Former Kansas governors unite against Brownback, supporters

step back and let's really look what these 4 are doing now, which should give us some in site to what their motivation may be.

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Democrats stage US House sit-in on guns; GOP unmoved

Patrick- You sir are an idiot who parrots anything a good uninformed liberal would do. It is just amazing how easily you all have no issue infringing on others constitutional rights. Just as long it doesn't infringe yours, so using your logic. How about we try this, if you are not fully knowledgeable on what each and every firearm is capable of doing. You are not allowed to have an opinion on said subject, because fair is fair. If you believe you have the right to step on ones constitutional right then turn about is fair play you clown.

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Letter to the editor: Weapons ban

Bart- You nailed it. All the other idiots who are calling for bans and more laws, should go back and read how George Washington expected the common citizen to arm themselves. They should also re-read the second amendment and explain to me what "Shall not be infringed " means to them.

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Letter to the editor: Final straw?

Mr. Whitehead, you sir have no clue what our founders would think today. It is well documented what their intent was when the 2nd Amendment was written. If you would take the time to educate yourself, you would learn that the 2nd Amendment was not only for protecting ourselves from dangers foreign and domestic; it was also written for the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. In fact, the federal government has no authority to limit weapons whatsoever. Their authority is clearly spelled out in the Constitution, which we the people have allowed them to pervert and we the people are to blame for. The problem with people of your ilk is that when anyone disagrees, you revert to name calling like a child would.

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Letter to the editor: Final straw?

The LTE writer is parroting all the liberal talking points that the media and politicians are spewing. Of course minus any knowledge whats so ever of what a assault is or isn't. Instead addressing the real problem like the radical Islamic's, they try to deflect and blame the gun instead. So they scream "reasonable gun control" are they going to also call for reasonable pressure cooker control, or reasonable box cutter and plane control? Ms. Bodie is clueless of the facts along with many on the left and they are more dangerous than a "assault weapon' is.

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Letter to the editor: Gun epidemic

That LTE made no sense at all.

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Here’s what KU’s new Central District student union and science building will look like

I see you all are seeing all that is being done right now. Everyone should be questioning where all this money is coming from. If budgets are tight and you may have raise prices, maybe your dumb ass's ot to put off your fluff projects. You won't seeing it just the tax payer's checkbook and not your personal one.

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Transgender students reflect on challenges as lawmakers pursue bathroom policy; Lawrence school board prepares for discussion

Barb- I don't disagree with you at all, BUT you have to admit that when you have those. Who are hell bent in getting themselves noticed for what ever stupid reason. I will say this again, how you want to think of yourself as is your business don't make it ours.
have a nice day

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Transgender students reflect on challenges as lawmakers pursue bathroom policy; Lawrence school board prepares for discussion

Richard what is BS is we are having this discussion in the first place. You want to id as what ever is your business so keep it that way. There is really a simple solution, when your in public use the bathroom you are plumbed for and go about your business. Solved have a nice day.

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Federal appeals court: No right to carry concealed weapons in public

Kristine- We understand you don't like guns and that is your right, but your dislike of guns does not allow you to take our rights away. This is why our America is becoming not America. We Constitution-loving Americans have let our tolerance of others' views, and their freedom to do so, become warped by people of your ilk to the point that it is destroying this great country. Park this in the back of your brain - the Second Amendment protects the First.

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