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Letter: Civil discourse

Ken- I have a BIG problem with the polarization in our politics that have been going on for the last 30 yrs and only getting worse. I have commented on here several times about OUR team no matter if it is right or wrong. Yes I lean one direction on the political spectrum but I don't subscribe to our team no matter what mentality. In my opinion anyone who is a career politician no matter what side is the problem. Until WE ALL insist that they enact term limits and abide by the same laws they expect us to follow nothing will change.

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Letter: Civil discourse

You all do realize that this suppose "town hall" required anyone wanting to ask a question, had to submit it in writing first to be screened first? I am all about having civil discourse, but when you are prescreening questions and only picking the ones you like isn't. So don't kid yourself POTUS's town hall meeting was nothing but a propaganda infomercial.

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Letter: Lots of guns

Joshue cain- Do show me where in the Constitution it states a drivers license is a right. Educate yourself, and Mr. Cain you are not alone this town is full of those who spew how they think things should be instead of knowing what is factual.

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City Commission to decide on tobacco ban in Lawrence parks and other recreational areas

Just stupid, and we pay these people and these are dumb ideas they come up with, you would think these idiots would have something better to do.

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City Commission to consider proposal for gun range near school

Well Richard, as usual you continue to post some of the dumbest opinions.

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New plaintiff seeks to join suit challenging proof of citizenship law

I have yet to understand why anyone of you all have a problem showing proof of citizenship? I also fail to understand your issue with showing ID to vote. Using all your logic it would discriminatory for your favorite watering hole, bank, friendly officer asking to see your ID. There is a lot of you here that need to get over themselves or get a life.

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Letter: It’s still socialism

Stop already Dorothy, those who drive on your said highways pays to do so via a tax or a toll. To think you were once a teacher is really unsettling and makes one wonder just what you taught to our youths.

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Letter: It’s still socialism

Mr. Bryce- Crack a book, we are not a Democracy we are a Republic. As for our tax dollars going to pay for roads, military and other infrastructural needs. It is not a socialist concept no matter how you want to spin it. please educate yourself a little more on what exactly what socialism really is.

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Student protesters pack KU chancellor's office to voice diversity concerns

They need to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled little brats, your not that special. If college life is so challenging to your self worth, your not going to like the real world.

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Letter: Climate politics

You nailed it Mr. Muirhead well done.

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