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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

I'm still waiting to read about the hero with a concealed weapon that saves the day. Please , local events only.

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Ribbon cut on new U.S. Highway 59; road expected to be open to traffic in early October

I'm not 100% sure but I think that asphalt if being used for the unfinished segment instead of concrete.

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Report links Morris twins to agent

They are great players who will be missed, but tattoos and arrogance don't win championships - at least not at the college level.

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

The thing is there is money. It's just that the greedy people who have it all don't want to share it.

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

It is "Pete's sake". Perhaps you should have been paying attention during those 9 months of school.

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

The problem is that the pain involved in balancing the budget is not being shared. Instead we end up cutting programs that help those most in need. And raising taxes on the wealthy is out of the question. Would it really be a hardship if some wealthy business man had to settle for a Lexus instead of a Mercedes? While Wall Street is still doling out million dollar bonuses to people who do very little to benefit society we continue to put the squeeze on all those fat cat overpaid teachers out there.

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

One of the sleazeballs who helped create the financial crisis of 2008 took home $470 million selling mortage loans. There were countless others who also profited immensely during the housing bubble. Now most states have large budget shortfalls as a result of our ruined economy. So lets blame the teachers and their unions.

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Lawrence bicycle committee reviews old sidewalk law

My advice to bikers is to be very afraid. It is safe to assume that a large percentage of drivers are inattentive at any given time. Distractions include cell phones, texting, ipods, radios, alcohol, drugs - both legal and illegal, sleep deprivation, eating, etc. In addition to these dangers we have inexperienced drivers, elderly drivers, and drivers who drive aggressively. "Share the Road" signs do not solve the problem. Sadly the biker has no choice but to be afraid. Allowing bikers on sidewalks is a no-brainer.

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Baldwin City man charged in altercation with bicyclists south of Lawrence

The sad fact is that there are a lot of morons on the road. Unfortunately, cyclists must assume the worse since collisions aren't good for the cyclist. It is a good bet that a large percentage of drivers are distracted at any given time - cell phones, texting, etc., - not to mention sleep deprivation, drugs, and alcohol. Then one also must worry about the aggressive driver, the inexperienced driver, and the elderly driver. No matter how many "share the road" signs are put up, there is significant risk involved for the cyclist to be in the vincinity of a moving vehicle. Although many drivers are careful and courteous it is best for the cyclist to assume the worse. Avoid the roads if you can, if not be extremely careful.

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