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Police investigating report of armed robbery at west Lawrence sandwich shop

Yea...it's all funny ...especailly for the people working at the time a total loser walks in with a gun...points it at your their head and steals .....what? $100 max in change?

Let's be real funny and put the person on America's Got Talent...it seems this bs is our biggest export right now,

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Rare books at KU's Watson Library targeted by vandals


I think you summed it all up very well....what thrill/gain/goal could be accomplished.

Cappy: I agree...hopefully they could narrow this down if the stmnt is correct.

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Police arrest man after incident outside Club Axis

OldEnuf says it all....

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Would you be interested in participating in an auction to acquire a Lawrence High School band uniform that's being retired?

Why not donate them ( after cleaning) to a school whose community just simply couldn't afford uniforms.

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County clerk honored for promoting voting

I am new to Lawrence and worked the polls for the first time in Nov. I think Mr Shew did a great job preparing and organizing the election.

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Sebelius says any coal bill arriving on her desk is 'DOA'

FreshAirFanatic (Anonymous) says…

Anyone know why the current wind generators west of Salina are not turning?

My guess is that the dispatch cost of the wind farm power far exceeds the price for cuurent power avavilable to the gris ( coal fired gen power since gas fired peakers are not being used right now). I am not a proponent of this plant project or coal...but costs are costs and we better get ready for high bills if we want to eliminate a cheap supply of generating fuel.

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Griffin ruled out tonight against No. 15 Jayhawks

Very nice comment riverat..right on target.

"Boomer Sooner...." it's nice that OU fans do not have to learn difficult lyrics to their fight song. "Boomer sooner" are the only two words to OU's enire fight song. They say it over and over and over....you get the idea.

Rock Chalk....

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Lumps of coal wrapped inside ‘green’ package

Very good logrithmic...if only Tom Sloan would live up to his pre-Legislative session statement in the LJW article that he was going to concentrate on critical issues that impacted state residents..health care...economy...education.

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Allen Press and staff make contributions

I am glad to see Allen Press offer choices to employee's contributions. Habitat and Wheels are great providers of solutions to everyday problems. Nice work Allen Press....

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Starbucks job cuts to affect Kansas stores

Regardless of the product...people will be losing jobs. Channel your negative opinion of the product to ideas of how to help them.

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