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Oak leaf itch mites hit Lawrence for second year in a row

I have a yard full of pin oaks, on a street lined with pin oaks, and I have been getting ate up for going on two months.

Sprayed the yard and sprayed the house, but it didn't help.

Couldn't figure out what it was until it finally hit the TV news three days ago.

The itching from each bite lasts over a month, and nothing I have tried seems to help stop it!!

We have lived here 45 years, and it can't remember having them ever before.

I had to change shirts yesterday because I had blood seeping out of me!

Good thing they aren't as big as hummingbirds!

One bite would kill you!!

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

Besides that.
What are you going to do with the excess land left over on both sides of the road?

Buy more lawn mowers, and crews to run them?

Or deed it over to the current property owners and make them pay for new bicycle sidewalks next year??

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

Might be wise to wait until the bypass is completed and open for traffic before making a big decision like that.

Kasold 'could' become a south Lawrence trafficway short-cut across town to the south Iowa bypass.

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Ride-along recap: What I learned from the passenger seat of a Lawrence police car

Chads comment makes me sick.
As does Caitlin's ride along story.

I have known and lived next to several Lawrence police officers in my neighborhood since renting my first home from one in 1964.

Also worked along side them as a former Kansas Hunter Safety Instructor years ago.

I am even distantly related to one by my sons marriage, and was eating her most excellent cheese dip at my grand-daughters birthday party Sunday.

To a person, all I have known over the last 50 years were good honest people, who would give their life to save yours if necessary.

One of my cop neighbors & friends did just that when hit by a car working a traffic accident at 15th. & Mass years ago.
He wasn't killed outright, just brain damaged, and never got over it, and died eventually.

Some grow a hard shell from what they see everyday, and relate better with other officers then us common civilians.
Because they see every day what even the good citizens are capable of sometimes!

A few others are bad apples, just like any other occupation you can name.

Others don't come home at the end of the shift!!

But if you hate all cops?

Don't call them when you are trapped in a burning car wreck, getting your home invaded, or having a heart attack!!

See how that goes for ya!!!

I can assure you, you will be praying for those evil cops to get there to save your sorry Ahhh -

Never mind!

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Jefferson's is hiring; Pet World brings back 11 employees; fire department to celebrate 100th birthday; Lawrence police's Blue Santa program fundraiser on Saturday

Something is wrong with the Blue Santa link.

It takes you straight to the KU Office of Public Affairs.

Even when you cut & paste it into a browser??


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Just Food continues to wrangle with $50,000 tax bill in wake of Farmer's resignation

Kris Kobach is just up the farmers turnpike a ways living in a barn.

Call him in on it!

He's always looking for something else to do.

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Kobach reviewing options after meat shop ruling; plans to build home in Douglas County this fall

What if Lecompton residents don't want Kris Kobach living in the neighborhood??

Did he ask thier permission first??

Shoes on the other foot now.

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Lawrence mayor's status unknown as City Commission OKs $207 million budget

Hope he didn't take the City Credit Card or Check Book with him!!!

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Guns and liquor could be mixing at your local bar

I have been more worried about it for years then I am now that it is legal.

Before the law was changed, the only people with gun in bars were thugs who shouldn't have been carrying guns.

Now, at least you have better then a 50/50% chance one of them will be a good guy.

I don't condone drinking and guns.
But, so far, blood isn't running in the streets after more then a month.

I worry more about 'Gun-Free Safe Zones'.
Witness all the movie & school shootings lately where there was no chance at all for a law abiding citizan to fight back.

On the otherhand, I was eating in a favorite watering hole this evening, and one of the mentally challenged regular patrons came in with a 2 1/2' long, stainless steel BBQ fork over his shoulder.
And walked around giving everyone the stank eye.

We all assume he is harmless, as he has no history of hurting anyone.

However, he was much better armed then I was if he had wanted to get violent.

So far, there is no law against open carry of huge BBQ forks in public.

But for once, I wouldn't have minded having been better armed myself.

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Payless Furniture owner who said 'Goodbye Obamaville' back selling furniture in Lawrence; City Hall spends $2,500 on friendship garden

I noticed yesterday he has posted his signs on telephone poles right next to the street on east 23rd.

Isn't there a city ordinance against that??

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