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Lawrence to pay $29,500 for citizen survey on how well local government is functioning

$29,000 to contact 2,000 people???

And get back maybe 800 responses????


Put it in everyone's water bill next month.

And hire a smart homeless guy at minimum wage to count the results!!!!

Or, each commissioner could take a handful home at night and tally them up himself!

That's how teachers grade papers.
And cops write reports.


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Were tanks once parked on Pachamamas' roof?

It seems unlikely the building was constructed to allow a helicopter to land on the roof,

There were no military helicopters in 1930.

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What color is "the dress": white and gold or blue and black?

Who cares??

Every photo I have seen of it so far has been Photo-shopped.

Or filtered to the point you have no frame of reference to the original photo, or lighting.

When I see it walking down the street in front of me, and I can't tell what color it is?

I will either call NSA to report a new unknown Stealth technology.

Or my eye doctor for new bifocals!

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Driver and passenger in Pontiac Grand Am arrested after long police chase

Try hiding in the deep woods today with typical street clothes on!

You wouldn't last 45 minutes.

The wind chill never got much above Zero today!!!

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President Obama arrives in Kansas

Anyone else notice there is an FAA no-fly zone over Lawrence tonight?

No civilian aircraft, and not even any commercial airliners passing over at 35,000 feet all evening as normal.

The sky over Lawrence is as still as I can remember before or since 9-11!

All Praise Obama for staying at the Holidome two block away!

For the first time in years, I can sleep soundly and not have to worry about a chunk of 'Blue Ice' falling off an airplane and crashing through my roof tonight.

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Lawrence police: Wanted man threatens officers with knife at Wal-Mart

Under the jail.

So deep they have to shoot green peas at him to eat!

But unfortunately, he will be out on bail in the morning like all the rest of them.


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Two dogs wait for their owner inside a truck in downtown Lawrence, Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.

Great Picture Mike!!

My old Boxer used to set in the drivers seat of my truck with his paws on the steering wheel waiting for me to come back!

Wish I had a picture of that now.
We lost him a year ago Dec 24'th to old age.

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When the crime reporter becomes the victim: Learn from my attempted burglary scare


Do you have a back-up plan?

A 'safe room' with a strong wood door and double locks?

Cell phone charger already in the safe room?

A very strong powerful TAC Flashlight?

A weapon of some kind?

Be it a gun you are trained to use safely?


A dry-powder fire extinguisher?

Or a least a spray-bottle of strong shower lime cleaner you can spray in their face if they get past the door?

Please Think it through calmly, and plan for the next time that may not turn out as well.

But hiding behind the drapes won't save you while the cops get there against a determined criminal inside your home.

That's not a plan, that's panic setting in.

You need a plan you don't even have to think twice about in order it do it!

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Man struck by vehicle on Ninth Street Monday night remains in critical condition

There are all kinds of stylish clothes & shoes with reflective patches that light up like a flood light in your headlight beams!

You can see them from two blocks away, crossing the street with the light in a marked cross-walk.

But it seems anymore, everybody breaking the law, and totally ignoring oncoming traffic and running or stepping out in front of me on a dark street?

Are dressed head to foot in solid black clothing like a Ninja trying to get run over for some strange reason???

December 9, 2014 at 8:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Man struck by vehicle on Ninth Street Monday night remains in critical condition

Not saying this was the cause here.

But, coming across town at 6:00 PM tonight,.

I had to slam on the brakes no less then 5 times to keep from hitting jaywalkers & cyclists dressed in all black clothes cutting across the streets at intersections against the lights, & mid-block from between parked cars.

Thank goodness for anti-lock brakes & good tires!

If you have to walk or ride at night, and don't pay any attention to the laws, or on-coming traffic?

Then don't dress like a NINJA!!!!

Light colored clothes would at least give drivers a fighting chance to see you after dark!!

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