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Silver alert canceled for Franklin County man

The silver alert was canceled over an hour ago.
The man had checked himself into a K.C. area hospital the same evening he went missing.

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Lawrence native awarded Bronze Star for disarming explosives in Afghanistan

Congratulations SSG Trent.

As an old vet myself, I can almost, kinda, understand how much courage it took to do what you did.

More then once.

IUD's are much harder to figure out after attempts to blow them failed, then grenades in C-rat cans attached to trip-wires I betcha!

I salute you for your courage Sir!
And I also thank you for your service!

Richard Ballard

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Development group files plans to add more than 20 retailers, restaurants to south Iowa Street

Michigan Street?


There is already a Michigan Street, but its on the north side of the city.

Nothing like another one 5 miles across town to really confuse people.

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21-year-old charged with attempted murder in Lawrence throat stabbing; victim released from hospital

Hi Tom!
Me too!

Try staying signed on and they may or may not keep asking you questions.

Works on my PC, but not on my new iPad after yesterday?

Don't know why, but I never had to jump through the hoops with the iPad until yesterday's OS 7.2 software update

Now, every other click is another question puzzlement.

And most all of the questions have nothing to do with my buying habits, or my 70 year old lifestyle,.

It is infuriating after paying for a real paper I didn't even get once last week!

Richard Ballard

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Victim 'remains hospitalized' following throat stabbing at Lawrence Community Shelter

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County readies for purchase of new financial software system

I hope they test it a year or two before turning it on and deleting the old software.

I stood at the counter for nearly 15 minutes today waiting on the State DMV software update to decide to kick in and work long enough to Get-R-Done.


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Kansas bill would allow 8-year driver's licenses

Now that's funny!

I don't care who ya are!

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Lawrence police: No foul play suspected in Feb. 9 shooting death

Either that?

Or Governor Brownback did it, and every prosecutor in Douglas County is afraid to file charges?

A young man died violently before his time, and the investigation found no reason to proceed with any other suspects.

It is what it is.

But no one is going to say so in the police department or newspaper out of respect to his family.

Let's not speculate on it any further

Mmmm Kayyyyy?

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Three arrested in East Lawrence


How come it is that every time I open the paper another convect is getting arrested for another serious crime, but out on the street after getting his hand slapped?

A Stabbing next door two weeks ago, and both the 'three strikes you're out' accused were on probation from felony convictions three months ago?


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Cleanup continues after Lawrence hit with historic snowfall; several school districts close Thursday

I'd just as soon they didn't plow the side streets.

Just about the time it gets packed down and very drivable?

The plows come by and throw a 2' high drift of block ice chunks and slush in my clean driveway again.

Then it freezes solid as an iceberg before I can get up and clean my driveway again, so I can get over the hump to get out to the clean street again.

Then there is the most vocal guy on our block that is always stuck, and whines the most about it.

Yes, The one driving around with the bald doughnut spair tire on his front-wheel drive car since last summer!


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