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Where are the butterflies? Area gardeners reporting shortage

There have been very few to no Hummingbirds this year either.

I have had feeders up for years, and they just didn't come back this year.

Only seen 2 since spring warmed up enough for them to come.

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Audit finds Lawrence City Hall not collecting some payments on deadline, or at all

Gotta go with Bob.

Seems to me we need the vigilant auditor far worse then the new city manager.

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Risk of Zika in Douglas County a concern as CDC publishes mosquito map

I don't know about bats.

But the mosquitos are so bad since it stopped raining you can't go outside after sundown without getting snatched up and sucked dry somewhere else!

Some of them are so big the FAA should step in and cite them for not having navigation & landing lights!!!

About as bad right now this year as I can remember.


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Video gamers are getting college athletic scholarships, but are they really athletes? KU researchers explore

Only counts if you still do it in your moms basement when you are 25 years old.

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More storms may add to 3-inch rainfall total in Lawrence; city shares debris cleanup details

We had 4 1/2" in two rain gage's this morning over by the Holidome.

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East Lawrence mural badly deteriorating after only a month; organizers not sure why


But, sometimes Mother Nature knows a bad idea when she sees one.

And takes care of it.

Intersections are distracting enough while watching out for other cars, pedestrians absorbed in thier cell phones, and bicycles running stop signs on your right side.

The street art is just more camouflage for all those things to blend into, so the drivers never see them coming.

Bad idea from the get go!!

If the city wants to spend money on something, fix some of the pot holes around town!!

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Lawrence City Commission rethinks citywide fireworks ban, open to softening enforcement

How is that supposed to work?

Mommy & daddy takes the kiddos 50' outside the city limits, and buy $300 worth of fireworks.

Then they stop on the way home and buy $50 worth of beer.

Then they go home and set on the porch drinking beer, and watching the kiddos blow up the neighborhood.

Until they get bored and go in the house closer to the beer in the fridge.

Who is going to drive clear across town to venture park on the 4th. of July to shoot fireworks when they can do it in the street in front of their house while getting a buzz on??


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Lawrence city leaders to discuss improved enforcement of citywide fireworks ban

Far be it for me to comment.
I've shot enough fireworks when the kids were little in Lawrence to blow city hall into the river.

But it seems to me there is no way to enforce this ban as long as there are mega-fireworks stands allowed 100 feet outside the city limits on every major road in or out of the city.

(Camil rides while you shop anyone??)

Until Lawrence & Douglas county can agree on a ban??

Enforcement just isn't going to / cannot happen.

Last year we had people a block away blowing up what sounded like 1/4 sticks of dynamite until 2:00 AM.

The year before that, the folks in the trailer park on N. Michigan banded together and put on a non-stop 6 hour display from 8:00 until they ran out sometime after midnight.


The only thing wrong with that is they were breaking the law, and I was too old to join them!!

PS: I am a veteran too.


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Video exchange begins between Cuban and Lawrence area students

Thats cool and all.

But do we think Cuba is a 3rd. World, stone-age country with no conception of the English language??

I'd just guess that some, or a lot of their 13 years olds are more fluent in English then some of our 13 year are at speaking Spanish!!! (Or proper English for that matter?)

The whole thing seems kind of insulting to the Cuban kids to me.

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Goats, sheep may be your new neighbors under proposed city code for urban agriculture

Roosters are not allowed?
Tell that to my neighbor up the street!

I completely understand their importance for us to continue life on our planet.

But, I am allergic to bee stings, and almost died from it twice before I could get to the ER,.
And would prefer not to have two hives of bees next door with a chain link fence between us.

There are plenty of farmers outside the city who would welcome bee keepers to pollinate crops if 'somebody' in town would go ask them!!

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