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Bullwinkles bar gets new owners, complete renovation

I respect the decision to renovate the property, as it was much needed. I understand where he is coming from in terms of trying to employ responsible individuals as doormen, especially considering that majority of profits will go to MIPs if they cannot prevent the underage crowd, an expense that cannot be afforded after making an investment as big as this.

However, I'm not really sure what an "Overland Park business man" knows about running a bar in a college town. Hiring doormen in their 30s with no affiliation to the university isn't the right move. Most bars in Lawrence bring in business from their staff bringing in friends to visit them while they work. As long as you're hiring individuals who have been properly trained, have clear and set expectations, and know what a fake ID looks like, turning to 30 year olds to ID is unnecessary. He should have built the staff with experienced and responsible staff who have or currently work in local bars already that do not attract an underage crowd.

If you ask me, it's almost insulting and arrogant to the student body to say, "I just don't want that type of business" in your first public interview. Leaning on primarily an alumni base is absolutely ridiculous, considering alumni are out to the bars in Lawrence no more than two days a week on a good week. Don't forget about the fact that they will be competing with The Wheel for alumni business, and every other bar in town for student business.

Instead of focusing on what he isn't going to do, maybe he should focus on what he is going to do, like events and specials. Almost every bar in Lawrence has a night that they attempt to take over. He's on track to have a rude awakening and a failing bar within the first year if some re-thinking doesn't occur soon. I wish it the best of luck because it is a historic bar and location, but after reading this I will be taking my business elsewhere. The Bull was one of the greatest Friday drinking spots in Lawrence this past year.

-KU Student, 3.5 years bar experience in Lawrence

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