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Tom Keegan: USATF official not happy with news in wake of Junior Olympics at Rock Chalk Park

So I should be running this starting now. Not for only Track & Field, Softball, Soccer, Baseball & Basketball.

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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

NO is NO! This should come to a vote for the public or at the least, wait until the new Police Chief has an opportunity to look all options. I do not want to pay for the previous Police Chief's wants and needs when he is no longer here.

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Longtime cable news channel to air last broadcast Friday

So is MidCo going to contract out to one of the KC/Topeka stations in order to have a brief Lawrence segment? I know KCTV5 seems to be reporting from Lawrence frequently however, while I understand MidCo is in the business of making money, however I think a community with more than 90,000 residents and two Universities warrant s it's own news program.

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Lawrence City Commission votes to increase property taxes, fund police headquarters

I am not happy with this budget and lack of leadership of foresight or prioritization of projects. I believe the City Commission needs a Project Manager (and reinstate the City Auditor position) to keep them in check and make rational and informed decisions.

Going to the Police Station issue, as I discussed with a couple friends that are LPD I told them I voted against the measure previously because I thought the location and the cost were irresponsible. (I mean how much crime is at Hallmark, how long would it take during a shift change to get to Corpus Christi church area or O'Connell and 31st for that matter?)

That said with the Police Station, do I believe something needs to be done? Yes. However, as I stated with the budget prioritization I believe their vision of how it should proceed. First, if I remember correctly, the current station at 111 E 11th is owned and maintained by the DGCO. If that is still the case then it is their responsibility to repair and upgrade that facility first and foremost. I am a big proponent of satellite police stations and if I remember correctly there is city owned land near Fire Stations 2, 4 and 5 that could be used as well as actually use the old Fire Station 4 in the stone barn for a satellite station. So that may not fulfill the needs for document storage (work with the state regarding digitization standards) or a potential replacement for the LPD facility at 15th St (Bob Billings) and Wakarusa.

In other words I want to see transparency for ALL plans being funded on this budget by the City Commission.

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Lawrence City Commission votes to increase property taxes, fund police headquarters

Shane you would like to think you're not affected by the mill levy increase, but that isn't true. Wait until you try getting a new lease whether at your current location or somewhere new. The increased property tax money the owner has to pay with the mill levy increase will be passed on to you and all other residents.

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Ex-Lawrence mayor asks court for exception: probation instead of prison for embezzling from food bank

I don't care if there was no previous criminal record, Farmer should go to prison and I don't mean one of those "Country Club" prisons for white collar crimes.

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Lawrence-based fundraising company buys building to accommodate expansion; Minuteman Press moving to east side; Sixth Street to get another traffic signal

Wait...a traffic signal and not a roundabout? The city engineers can't be happy about this.

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Indian Hills residents concerned for safety after traffic diverted onto 27th Street

Does Gloeckner understand that traffic-calming devices = roundabouts?

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Child on bike hit by car at Sixth and Rockledge in critical but stable condition

David I believe this concern was discussed at the November Traffic Commission meeting. Don't remember if they we're sending it to the City Commission or not.

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23rd and Iowa, 23rd and Ousdahl improvements up for discussion at City Hall

I believe if the City waits until the SLT is open to start the project then the City would bear the primary burden as Iowa/23rd St would no longer be considered K-10.

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