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Jenkins challenged in newly configured 2nd District

notice Lynn Jenkins:
Occupation: U.S. representative

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Child center hits ‘middle age’

My daughter attended Hilltop 35 years ago and had such a positive experience that she worked there 5 years ago.

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Jenkins reports huge advantage over Schlingensiepen in latest campaign disclosures

i guess that accounts for the flood of political crap i get in the mail from her every other day. it's really sickening.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

I wish I could say we're not in Kansas anymore Toto

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Akin’s gaffe is part of broader pattern

What I find even more appalling is the number of women who believe this same crap.

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Files from 'In Cold Blood' investigation auctioned

Actually I think it's pretty poor judgment and disrespectful to the family for the "owner" of these case files to "tastefully auction" such graphic information.

"Our focus was to tastefully auction the lot off as something historic," McAvoy said. "Both Ron and I did not want to exploit the family, but it is part of the history and has to be passed on."

If the concern was to preserve this information for history then it should have been donated to an appropriate source rather than to sell it to the highest bidder which does actually exploit the family.

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SRS concern

If I remember correctly wasn't B. Wayne Sims a legislator when the whole foster care privatization scheme was invented? Makes this question a little ironic:
"Are agency employees barred from legislative involvement if all or part of their salaries are paid with state money — even if their lobbying efforts are paid for with private dollars?"

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Things That Aren't Downtown

Woolworths, Earl's Pizza, Drake Bakery and maybe Varsity [?] ice cream

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Do you ever ride a bike to work?

not dead, just sleeping :>}

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25 years ago: Sixth Street entrance into Lawrence getting a makeover

I appreciate your occasional essays and words of wisdom - my grandmother told me the same thing

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