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Editorial: Voting debate

The Founding Fathers did not have computers or any other rapid means of compiling votes; rather, the electors met in the US Capital having carried the votes from their respective states, often by horseback. Clearly, that is antiquated: we don't ride horses for transportation anymore, so why should we not take advantage of modern communication methods? Contrary to the view expressed here that the losing party is the only one grumbling and advocating for change -- the "sour grapes" notion -- a different perspective is that citizen's votes should be honored to the greatest extent possible. That doesn't require a shift to a national popular vote as the deciding factor. Rather, like Maine and Nebraska, Kansas could adopt a Congressional District Popular (CDP) award system where two electoral votes go to the popular vote winner of the state, with one each allocated to the popular vote winner in each of that state's Congressional Districts. That way, voters in each district get their political preferences respected. Since each state decides how to allocate it's Electoral College votes, this doesn't require a Constitutional Amendment. One further improvement in our system would be to take redistricting out of the sole control of the state's dominant political party like Iowa does. The gerrymandering that has been practiced in some areas of the country -- note the Austin, Texas area for example -- OUGHT NOT to be Constitutional. One person, one vote in a transparently FAIR system should be everyone's goal in a TRUE DEMOCRACY!

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Pedestrian killed by car on Ninth Street was longtime KU employee

Bruce was a student in a course I taught back in the 80s when I was in grad school here at KU. Since then, I kept up with him on occasion at Rick's Place -- or perhaps even earlier when Bogart's was still around. He was a unique individual and a great guy. May you rest in peace, Brother B.C. rp

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Letter: Rude sign

I've been at the Americans with Disabilities Act Symposium in Atlanta all week -- on my way back home today. This may be free speech, but it is certainly hate speech, clearly showing the Payless Furniture owner (and possibly his son?) to be seriously deficient in judgment . It is great to hear this mature response from Hal, Kathy, Brad and Barb. This incident has been picked up nationally -- I got email from friends in Texas asking what the heck are these "business" people thinking. Clearly, they're "sick puppies" and with that, I apologize for insulting canines! GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Kassebaum: Davis will need moderate Republicans in campaign against Brownback

Former State Senator Wint Winter dubbed it: the Radical Moderate Party. That's what we need -- a coalition of centrist get-things-done not get-things-undone people. Forget the tails of the distribution -- the Brownbackistanians as well as the Honk for Hempers. It is clearly time to VOTE OUT THE CRACKPOTS! So let's be reasonable here and elect a Governor who will unite instead of dividing, who will be a progressive not a regressive . . . before it is too late!

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Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer

This same political mentality thinks corporations are PEOPLE! Reasonable, moderate people in Kansas need to wake up and smell the coffee NOW -- or else you'll soon be smelling something not quite so aromatic. We don't need to kowtow to these special interests - we need a new populist movement in Kansas. VOTE OUT THESE CRACKPOTS!

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Half Price Books to close Lawrence store in coming months

I grew up in Dallas so I've known Half-Price Books for over 30 years. I don't go often, but when I do, I always find some interesting books and some are incredible bargains. Books are great gifts also, so come holiday season, I leave there with armsfull at a time. It is sad to see another bookstore vanish. I may give the Olathe store a chance, but to me it is so convenient on 23rd Street. I don't know how some of the commenters on here behave, but I've had no problem whatsoever with customer service. Some people, I guess, are just . . . too much!

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Letter: Shameful votes

Obviously you know little to nothing about the ADA. The principles promoted in the CRPD are the same principles upon which the ADA is founded. And if you think calling out politicians for being jerks is pouting, you have a lot to learn yourself.

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Brownback administration shutting down Kansas Main Street program

rockchalk1977 has it exactly back-ass-wards: the reason revenues are down is because those who have all the dough want more of it -- and that will happen with GOP administrations who don't give a tinkers-damn about the 47% who according to Romney live off the government and don't pay any income taxes. Wake up and smell the coffee while you still have coffee to smell!

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