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Fire chief prepares plan to replace aging trucks

800,000.00 = One roundabout
800,000.00 = One new fire truck that can not manuver around one roundabout. Choose one of the above options.

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City's green fire fleet will slowly turn red

The color af a Fire truck doesn't make it more or less efficient to fight fires. Green puts out as many fires as red and if you don't see it comming down the street then you should have your eyes checked.

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Police question suspected shoplifter

FUZZY MATH <<losses from shoplifting are tax-deductible. it doesn't affect prices one way or the other.>>

Lets say a shoplifted item has a list price of $100. It cost the store $50 from the manufacture. The store writes off the $50 cost. The tax rate for this store is 30% so the tax credit is 30% of $50 = $15. The other $35 is a direct loss to the store. It has to be made up in the price of other merchandise sales. Therefore they raise prices on what they sell.

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Police question suspected shoplifter

Reply to "black_watch. I had my second cup of coffee.

Now let me get this right, and you can correct me if I am wrong.

You "condone" shoplifting because it doesn't cost the store anything, is that what you said?

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Concealed carry law makes gun sales soar

One more Bob, I agree 100% Thanks

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Concealed carry law makes gun sales soar

(redsunrising) is obscured by fog. Those hotheads you are talking about are already armed with thier guns and walking the streets waiting for a victim (maybe like you) that they know will not have any weapon.

The ones under this law will be people like your banker, your lawyer, your local businessman, your next door neighbor. People you trust and respect. Some day one of these people may save your life. They are not the ones to be feared.

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Police question suspected shoplifter

Shoplifting is just like armed robbery without a gun. The main differance is armed robbery is covered by store Insurance, shoplifting costs are paid by other shoppers in higher prices to cover the losses. That is you and me! This guy should be in jail right now and the police should have his house searched for other merchandise. He has probably been doing this for a long time. JAIL HIM!!!

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Do you care whether professional athletes use performance-enhancing drugs?

Hell Yes, I care. Next thing you know they will be hooking up electrodes to thier testicles to make them run faster....

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Roberts decries Bush Administration secrecy, sounds doubts about Iraq war

Vote Roberts out. We need someone who is not a Bush A$$ Kisser...

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Roberts denies Iraq intelligence coverup

Vote Roberts out! Enough of this "BS" and send Brownback with him...

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