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'Person of interest' in shooting death faces six gun charges

rcmodel, Go back and re-read the information you inserted in the quotation marks to get the true meaning of what it says.

"and one count of having a gun not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transaction Record."

The gun was recently purchased in Ottawa and put into the National Firarms Registry under a woman's name.by the woman. It was a shill purchase made by a girlfriend in her name but then given to Edwards, which is Illegal. You can't buy a gun for a felon or you will also be guilty.

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Kansas deer season creates road hazards for drivers

For your Information: A special firearms Deer hunt for this area (Unit 19) will be open from Saturday Oct 14th thru Sunday Oct 22nd. Firearms as well as Bow equipment is legal during this period. Permits as mentioned by (countrygirl) are required and can be purchased online as well as locally. So Be Aware...

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Woman shot in police standoff

"SUICIDE BY COP" if there ever was one, this is it. Too bad she forced to police into it!

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City Commission plans D.C. lobbying trip

How about publishing thier itinerary for the trip so all of Lawrence can see how much of this trip is for sight seeing. Maybe they will be looking for another sister city connection for Maui or Sidney.

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Brownback for vice president?

You have to be kidding me! Brownback stands about as good a chance as Kerry or Libberman.

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Critics call registry for sex offenders vague, unfair

Here is my suggestion: On the sex offenders list just below "OFFENSE" list the following "SEVERITY" with a box showing a number between 1 & 10. 1 the most minor offense (like peeing on the golg course) with 9 being rape and a 10 would be rape with death involved. Click on the box to see offenses covered by each number. Under severity the next line would be "NUMBER OF CONVICTIONS" with a box listing the number of convictions for that person.

With that information we would have a good idea if the person was a threat to the neighborhood or a one time looser.

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Bicycle ban doesn't sit well with all

One important thing everyone is missing on this discussion is the vulernability of kids this age riding thier bikes alone to abduction by "PEDOPHILES". If you want to increse the chances of Amber Alerts then send your child to school alone on thier bike. Remember the wourld is becomming less safe and sex offenders are out there looking for easy targets.

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Bad column

New Independant Ticket: Ross Perot/ Libberman with McCain as Sec of Defense.

Just kidding.....

Joe you lost, get over it and go into retirement.

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Fire chief prepares plan to replace aging trucks

Marion, while you are finding the costs, also show bozo the projected cost of the yet to be built turnaround at 19th and Louisiana. That one may be well over the $800,000 cost.

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Fire chief prepares plan to replace aging trucks

How many miles is on this Truck that needs replacing? My guess is less than 10,000 Miles. Why not send it in for refurbishing at a cost of less than $50,000 (my guess of cost)? Old Fire trucks used in Lawrence don't get much use. Most Fire departments would jump at the chance to own it. What is the actual cost to put a new water tank in that truck? Has anyone bothered to check?

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