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Lawrence attorney's law license suspended for one year

Finally, a little justice. Thank you Kansas supreme court.

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Federal government pledges more money to $31.5-million health insurance program Gov. Brownback rejected

You are correct, defeating health care reform is a big win for business. But taking away health insurance is in no way a big win for those in need.

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Elijah Johnson shores up point for KU men's basketball

Selby might be ok at the end of a blowout game when the bench players are getting their minutes. He's got natural talent but no game iq.

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Southern Poverty Law Center criticizes Kobach's proposals on illegal immigration

I don't believe the right to vote is particularly left wing.

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Thomas Robinson's mother passes away

Praying for Thomas and his family.

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Recap: Offense — not defense — to blame for Kansas' first loss

Praying for Thomas Robinson and his family.

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Kansas House conservatives file abortion legislation

It's murder when you take a gun to a church and pull the trigger on a doctor coming down the steps. It's murder when you knowing support a law that will kill women of child bearing age because doctors are too afraid to treat them. No, you are not pro life.

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Kobach introduces legislation to require that voters in Kansas show photo identification

Many United States citizens do not carry photo ids. That choice isa traditional freedom for citizens. It may be time to put the tea back in the harbor and restore our freedoms.

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Kansas officials outraged by Ariz. shooting rampage

Republican and tea party outrage rings hollow.

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District Judge Jean Shepherd presides in final adoption hearing after serving Douglas County since 1984

Both of the posts above are very accurate in my opinion. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out judge.

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