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Lawrence man's 1,000-piece Jayhawk collection going up for auction

I never heard of an attempt to raise money. I am sure the money would easily been found from many of the alumni. Maybe only big pockets were contacted. Bad job by whoever was delegated by University

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KU Hospital lands nine programs in U.S. News top-50 rankings

still no help for most of the state of Kansas in getting physicians. Rankings sound great

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KU Endowment announces $1 million unrestricted gift from alumna, based on late husband's wishes

let us hope it does not go for administrative bonuses like the endowments last bonus giving.

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KU officials regroup after Legislature put brakes on health education building

KU Medical School admits too many applicants who are not going to practice in Kansas in the first place. A high percentage go back to their home states. They need to have people on the admission staff who need to give priority to students who actually want to practice medicine in the private sector and who want to go to areas that need doctors. It is an admission staff problem of not training Dr.s who want to be in Kansas.

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Doctor shortage a looming health issue

The problem is with the KU med school staff.. Take a look at how many non Kansans are admitted. Many top KU students are not accepted or wait listed. Most KU med students are somewhat encouraged to become hospitalists,which help nothing but the hospitals. All KU med needs to do is find out who wants to actually practice on their own in Ks and teach them. Most instructors themselves know little of actual private practice as they have stayed in the Ed system most if not all of their careers

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City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

Over Kill.. Come on now city..

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Lawrence school board votes to oppose anti-union bill

only those afraid of their abilities have to have others keep them safe

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Cost of $8 million per win makes KU football 'worst team for the money,' Forbes says

Can you say. Thanks to our last AD and the athletic committee that was there to check him. No one needs to go any further.

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How would you grade the KU football team this year?

Entire problem still reeling from previous AD let no one forget. Top 5 national ranking, Orange bowl BCS victory and national coach of the year honors. It should have allowed a few years respect for coach& staff. With that said am glad with new staff and wish them well. Give them support

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