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I'm sure all my friends in the military appreciate being called idiots since they have their haircuts high and tight.
Hair grows back. According to the story-being told here and amongst the students-the parents and the kids were fine with it, so obviously they have enough self-esteem to handle any "ridicule and humiliation" they may or may not have gotten when they went to school.
The story also said they were younger siblings and their friends-how does that translate to "random underclassmen?"
Besides, in the heat of Kansas, they are going to want that short haircut!

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Should Lawrence have an ice rink?

While we are dreaming why not a winning football team, a good major league baseball team, truly free health care and 2 day work weeks with CEO pay? Or a quadracorn. Definitely a quadracorn-four times better than a unicorn right?

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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

I think we should worry about winning on SATURDAY first???
Point is moot if OSU wins.

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Property owner claims in lawsuit Overbrook man cut $50,000 worth of trees for firewood

How many chain saws did they burn up? Cuz if you've ever cut hedge you know how bad it is on chainsaws.

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Sound off: Are there any schools in Lawrence that collect boxtops for education coupons?

I wish I could bring it to my local school but they closed it

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Charlie Weis to be announced as next KU football coach

Unbelievable. He has name recognition and that is about it. Didn't do much with his recruits and didn't show to be that great a recruiter at ND. As for ND fans being unreasonable, pot meet kettle! What, 3-4 bowl games since 1968, the most recent against a weak schedule and a watered down Big 12. I will reserve judgement for a few yeara after gills players are gone and he has his own class.

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Town Talk: Iwig Dairy looking to open retail store in Lawrence; Natural Grocers project to reconfigure 23rd Street driveways; that's not a boat in the Kaw

I thought that was a telephone booth...For all you youngins there used to be public pay telephones that were self enclosed...back in them thar dinosaur days before cell phones when we used to walk up hill in the snow everywhere without shoes.

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Town Talk: Bert Nash land purchase may open door for outdoor wellness area; Jos. A. Bank rumored for downtown; city fees set to increase

I hope Bert Nash will refurbish the property versus tear it all down-at least some of it anyway-there is some interesting history surrounding the little cabin and pond behind the VFW...

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Lawrence school board agrees to lease warehouse on West 31st Street

or as my kids would say-school board-epic fail!

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