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Went in with my family and the service was horrible. They messed up my wife and I's food, so we sent it back. The server never came back to check on us and the manager never bothered either. When ended up only getting corn dogs, 2 tacos and cheese dip . I had 2 beers, the draft one wasn't even cold. The bottle beer was the only good thing we had. And after not receiving our food and demanded our check so we could the F outta there. The manager said he would comp us our food (corn dogs, 2 tacos, dip) and required we pay $14 for our drinks. This place is a joke. We have been there 50+ times since they opened but they won't get me again. They just don't care about there customers.

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Lawrence mother gets 3 years of probation for manslaughter in death of her 5-year-old


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Topeka man dies after vehicle accident near KU campus

R.I.P. Brother see you on the other side. A-Train gone but not forgotten.

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I have been going here for 10 yrs almost and recently purchased new contacts for my wife and I. A month later had to purchase glasses for my 5 yr old son. We wanted everything on them. 3 weeks after we got them they were scratched and when we called them they said they were not coated with a scratch resistant coating but we could bring them in and they would do it. Well we had to go back for a 1 month check. Well the Doctor had the wrong proscription and we had to have new lenses made. So we ask them then to put the coating on and they said they wouldn't do it because we were past our 30 warranty on the prescription. It's not that they couldn't its that they wouldn't. I even offered to pay more and they said there lab would not do it. I don't know why their lab couldn't. After all they have their own lab in Topeka. I will never give them another dollar!

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Lawrence community devastated, shocked by closing of its SRS office

I do not recieve SRS services but I work with SRS and have for several years. They are such a horrible pain to work with. They don't answer their phones or return messages. They are usually rude and short with you and make you feel terrible after you speak with them. I am not only referring to the lawrence office as I work with offices all over Kansas and I am generalizing all of SRS. I can tell you that there are a rare few people at SRS that are helpful and nice to speak to but 98% of the time they are not. They complain about how busy they are and how much work they have on their desk like that is some how my problem. People who truely need SRS services and the people who have to work with SRS will truely suffer MORE then they already do trying to continue to work with SRS.

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Public officials warn against snorting bath salts to get high

I love bath salts!! In my bath.....

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Man accused of making sexual comments to children at school playground

This kid has a mental disability. No excuse but shouldn't be on his own like this. He is not right in the head. I went to school with him and this does not surprize me.

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Disturbing tie

I am not watching KU sports or supporting anyone from KU anymore because they give "porn stars" tickets for free. Maybe I am in the wrong profession! lol. Hey Coach what do I have to do to get free tickets.

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