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Rec calendar

SettingTheRecordStraight (anonymous) says…
They are Parks and Rec supported programs. They receive either direct Parks and Rec (taxpayer) funding, free promotion by Parks and Rec (which has a cost) or free/discounted facilities usage, which is paid for by tax dollars.
1) "They receive direct P&R funding"....wrong
2) "Free promotion by P&R"....wrong. Seems to me that this is a Recreation calendar. Not a LPRD calendar. If any one is giving out "free promotion" its the LJW.
3) "Free/Discounted facilities usage"...right. But have you ever stepped foot in Holcom/ELC/Community Building??? Any man, woman or child can walk in and make use of the equipment provided. They are simply taking advantage of the opportunities afforded to them; just ask the homeless people that use the locker rooms to shower on a daily basis.

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Note to ’Cats: Don’t get ‘chippy’

tophawk87 (anonymous) says…

Sherron Collins was acting like a Chicago thug, that was not true KU sportsmanship that we have come to expect over the years.

Careful how you disparage Turgeon, as he will more than likely be replacing Bill Self
Replacing Bill Self??? You're kidding right?? I think you are about 15 years too early on naming a replacement for HCBS. Not to mention the fact that Turg barely breaks the top 5 or 10 prospective replacements....

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Pressure on ‘First Blacks’ demands special control

Dearest porch_person,

(audible expression of happiness)

I really like how you insert '(laughter)' after your clever and comical comments. It's great.

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Aslo, tank yu verry much for corecting teh ibiots who cant' evan spell....

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CU coach lauds Jayhawks

I feel like we've seen this headline before...


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How do you think Danica Patrick will do in her NASCAR debut?

edjayhawk (Anonymous) says…
As comedian George Karlin once said: Racing isn't a sport. Same five rednecks win it every time.
I'm not familiar with this 'Karlin' character, but he is wrong; racing is a sport, but it's not a part of what we call 'athletics'. Much like golf...any thing you can do while smoking cigarette or cigar (and not suffer for it) can't be a sport....

While she does have some of the best equipment in the Nationwide series, some of the Cup guys (Stewart, Jr., Kahne and Kyle Busch, etc.) are racing today too. My bet is she gets collected in a wreck, or causes one. But if she can keep the fenders on her car, she could see the top 15....

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UNC coach Williams apologizes for Haiti remarks

To donate to the University of North Carolina Men's Basketball Disaster Relief Fund text message "LMAO" to 92992.

(Standard text messaging rates apply)

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Jayhawks ‘on a mission’

“James, like KU big man Cole Aldrich, is an exceptional student. He has a 3.25 grade-point average.”

A 3.2 GPA is not “exceptional” scholarship. It's a B average
dstavin, you suck.

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Worth the sacrifice: Increased physicality in practice pays off for KU

“I thought he demonstrated excellent form, wrapped them up good. He missed his calling I think. He should be on a football field,” Self cracked.

I was cracking up the whole article through...Bill Self is the man. We have the best coach in the friggin' nation if ya ask me...(which you didn't)

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Kansas Athletics buys Lawrence's First Serve Tennis Center

maxcrabb (Anonymous) says…

Will the lone soccer court at the end of the building survive? And can we still play there?
max, i didn't know they had a soccer court....can anyone walk in and play? At least prior to this article???

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Leonard Pitts to speak on Friday at KU

labmonkey (Anonymous) says…
Now we just need Cal Thomas there and it would be an LJworld poster's dream.

We already had a brawl outside the Burge this school year, why not have another one outside the Kansas Union?

Charge admission, sell concessions...Mangino as special guest referee

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