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Alleged drunk driver passes out in running car; DUI checklane planned for Halloween night; Halloween safety tips

uhhhhh no uber is not local.just like Walmart isn't local dillons isn't local helllllo.

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Alleged drunk driver passes out in running car; DUI checklane planned for Halloween night; Halloween safety tips

uber are you serious ? support your local business keep your money local. support your community. Call a taxi please.

Ground Transportation Services (GTS) – (785) 842-8294

Jayhawk Taxi – (785) 843-8294

RedyCab – (785) 505-8294

Lawrence First Class Transportation – (785) 409-1994

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Who's the most famous person you've ever seen in Lawrence?

Michael Landon, Richard Thomas, Brook Shields, last year I had Nick Nolte in my taxi. Should we go with Kansas ? Matt Dillon.

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Kobach : idiot- Joe dirt - Forest Gump. ect........

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Some Wichita city officials open to discuss Confederate flag

you ban the confederate flag because it reminds you of slavery. Then ban BBQ because it was the slaves that started cooking ribs and brisket because the slave owners did not want those cuts of meat and gave it to the slaves. so ban BBQ. GROW UP AMERICA AND GET REAL.

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Lawrence man arrested in Father's Day standoff will be charged Monday

Awesome job LKPD. But there is no 2600 block of Ousdahl .

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Lawrence commission approves new regulations requiring background checks for taxi drivers

What a bunch of B.S. Uber is a taxi cab company.You request for a ride and expect to pay for the ride. SORRY... ALL Lawrence taxi cab companies need to shut down for a day and reopen as a ride share company.

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Lawrence police: One man dead following stabbing on Arkansas Street

Didn't happen at McDonald's. And was alive when police arrived on scene.1 male roommate and 1 female taken to interview center on Bob Billings.

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Great service

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